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Your spiritual journey can be understood from a much larger perspective than ever before — that of the evolution of planetary consciousness and energy.  In this video, I take the “mystery” and the “mania” out of ascension.  What is ascension?  No, there’s not a ticket to an elevator in the sky.  But the power and impact of the process — that is, the elevation of your energy and awareness into new frequencies and dimensions — is like “waking up” in an entirely new world.  I introduce the pathway to this new future and new world.  It is both deeply individual, and a collective undertaking.  This video offers you an entirely new, empowering, and vast viewpoint to see and experience your journey of soul evolution, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment.

The video has four parts:

1) what is ascension,

2) the ascension of your energy and awareness

3) the connection with enlightenment & soul awakening

4) planetary and collective ascension

I also offer a companion article to this video.  Click here to read more about ascension, soul awakening, and enlightenment in this time of astounding planetary transformation.

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