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"Mysterious Emergence" clearing skies in the Himalayas, near Lobuche, Nepal, April 2012

Meeting the mystery of the Yeti

Almost every trekker to the Himalaya asks themselves, at one time or another, where are the Yeti?  Who — or what — are they?  Many years ago, on a research trip to eastern Nepal following the Arun River, in a town on the Tibetan border, I became convinced that there is “something” or “someone” out there in the mountains.  As part of our research, we were interviewing local villagers.  At that time, in 1999, it was a two week plus walk to the nearest road (even for a Nepali), and we were the first Westerners to gain access to this border area in about 30 years.

Suffice to say, the locals were not accustomed to trekkers, and did not even speak much Nepali.  They were Tibetan peoples and conducted their trade and lives across the border, a kilometer or so away, in Tibet.

One of our questions to them was to describe the local wildlife that they regularly encountered.   Of the larger animals, they quickly rattled off a list of regulars — blue sheep, snow leopards, an assortment of birds, and … yeti.  There was no excitement or unusual energy when describing the yeti as they came down from the mountains, in colder winters, and would take a goat or young yak.  It was just a natural history review to them, unembellished and un-execeptional.  Hmmm.  What is really out there?

Journey into the Sacred Khumbu

This memory was re-awakened in me as I embarked on yet another trip the Himalaya — my fifth over the past decade.  I share some of that story in another article on the awakening Divine Feminine energy of the Khumbu, or Mount Everest region, of the Himalaya.  As I set off on this trip, in the spring of 2012, somewhere in the 38 hours of flights from San Francisco to Kathmandu, my trekking companion had a dream of the Yeti, and meeting them on our journey.  I vividly remember when he described the dream to me, waiting in the Bangkok airport.  What would we find?

Our trekking plans were to travel the three valleys of the sacred Khumbu, first Bhote valley, then Gokyo valley, and finally, the valley leading to Everest Base Camp.  A trip of about 3 weeks and 140 miles.  We were going alone — with no local guides or porters.  With GPS, my camera equipment, and 40 lbs each of other gear, we set off into Sagarmatha National Park.

Bhote Valley Himalayas Anandasatara

Bhote Valley, near Lungden, Nepal

Passage to Nangpa La

About a week into the trip, traveling northward through the Bhote valley, we arrived at Langden for an altitude acclimatization day before the crossing of the nearly 18,000 ft (5400m) mountain pass to the town of Gokyo.

Yaks Bhote Valley Himalayas Anandasatara

En route to Nangpa La, near Lungden, Nepal

Guided by my traveling companion’s memories of this area, and crossings of Nangpa La, the pass into Tibet, in other times, we explored the valley further.  My friend was called back to the Himalaya to re-encounter the places of memories and dreams from previous lifetimes; I accompanied him as co-adventurer and energetic guide.

As we trekked, crossing above 15,000′ (4500m) for the first time, we both distinctively felt the presence of being watched.  There was clearly no one “physically” in sight, other than a small herd of grazing yak.  As it is my daily work to interact with “spirit beings,” I immediately demanded to know who was present and what their intentions were.  As is often the case, being perceived caught the beings off guard; most visitors and locals do not converse with them.

I learned that they were guardians of the route to high vibrational energy sites in this part of the Himalaya, and the route to Nangpa La.  With some questioning and statement of our intentions, we were granted passage and continued.  In our conversation, I discovered that they were commonly regarded as the “yeti” of the region by those who traveled these areas.

Inter-dimensional guardians of the Himalaya

Fourth Gokyo Sacred Lake Anandasatara

Fourth Gokyo Sacred Lake, Nepal

It suddenly struck me and was clear — the yeti were a group of inter-dimensional beings living in and through the Himalaya, and particularly associated with locations near energy nodes or high vibrational sites.  In these places, it is easier to “travel” between dimensions, and, on occasion, humans are able to “visualize” them.

Yeti are not “physical” in the standard third dimensional sense, and so, do not leave traditional tracks and signs like other third dimensional physical beings (humans, wildlife, etc.).  So they can “appear” and “disappear” seemingly without a trace.  They are actually moving between dimensions, slipping in and out of third dimensional “vision.”

Even more remarkable, Yeti are not a singular group.  There many sub-groups of differing natures and intentions — some of a higher dimensional vibration that act as guardians and caretakers of the landscape, and others of different persuasions, who have been implicated in the deaths of people and livestock.  However, these distinctions are lost on those who are viewing the landscape, and Earth, from a singular dimensional perspective, rather than as a multi-dimensional planet of great energetic complexity.

We connected with the Yeti on one other occasion during the trip, in the area of the 3rd Gokyo sacred lake.  It was a different group, and they had a communication to pass to my trekking companion; these were relatively higher vibrational beings with great awareness of the region and its history.

Sightings of inter-dimensional beings such as these are not exclusive to the Himalaya.  Such sightings occur in and around other sacred energy sites and high vibrational nodes.  Mount Shasta, in California, USA, is one example.

Once again, the “mystery” is a mystery of perception.  By stepping into a multi-dimensional plane of awareness, we can perceive and consciously interact with the Earth as complex and remarkable planetary system in a new way.

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