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Are you called to take the next step in your soul awakening?

Do you know what soul ascension really is?

Are you aware of the power of sacred geometry?

healing sacred geometry


Soul ascension does not occur at a specific place or on a specific date.  You are the creator of your soul’s journey, and only you have the freedom and power to open the doorways to elevate your energy and awareness.  At any time, you can request the next step in your spiritual healing and soul awakening.  Step by step, YOU call forth the birthright of your soul ascension.

It is my greatest joy to support the next step on your soul journey and spiritual awakening.  I invite you into a new future of clarity, expansive creativity, and joy.

The awakening and healing sacred geometry that I offer reaches to the core of your spiritual essence to empower your soul ascension, spiritual healing, and soul awakening.  You can think of soul-level sacred geometry as a key to open into a new level of awareness, Divine connection, and freedom.

Sacred geometry for ascension and soul DNA activations are specific to the next step in YOUR soul journey. They are waiting for you to request them …



What is the connection between soul ascension & “enlightenment”?

What is soul ascensionI introduce a new perspective on the pathways of enlightenment, soul ascension, and spiritual awakening. Mine is a contemporary awareness, free from historical traditions, ideologies, and various cultural cloaks. To begin, I do not see enlightenment, ascension, or awakening as having anything to do with “religion,” or even “spirituality” …  read more


Soul ascension across time: elevate your past, present, and future

When living life through the lens of energy and consciousness, “time” is much more fluid than when you stay locked into physical outcomes and events. Guilt and regret over lost opportunities or unfulfilled efforts can be very disempowering, leaving you in a state of helplessness and self-criticism. But you can instantly transform this. How? The first step is … read more


Soul DNA activations: change your life from the core

The deepest aspect of your individual energy field arises from your soul DNA. It is a pattern of sacred geometry on a beautiful and grand scale. The awareness, gifts, and skills from so many lives, practices, masteries, and teachings are reflected in soul DNA. Your soul DNA contains the “key” and doorway to living in higher vibrational energy and awareness … read more


The power of sacred geometry for soul ascension and awakening

Sacred geometries are the foundations of transmitting higher frequencies of energy and awareness, from soul to soul, and across the Universe. Though usually “unseen,” sacred geometry is the creative and, quite literally, en-lightening structure of awakening, soul ascension, and spiritual healing. And never under-estimate the power of what is unseen  … read more


Sessions with
A’na Sa’tara

soul sacred geometry, healing insight, and powerful energy clearings …

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Sacred Energy

Planetary renewal and uplift for our highest vibrational future …

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Wisdom for a
New World

articles, images & videos to empower your soul awakening & ascension …

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