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soul dna activation sacred geometry

Winter Solstice sunrise 2013, Santa Cruz mountains, California


DNA is a multi-dimensional, crystalline structure that carries your unique energetic “imprint” and “history” across lifetimes.  (This is soul-level view of DNA — a very different understanding than your high school biology book).

Your soul DNA is far beyond the “biological DNA” acquired from your birth parents.  You might share soul DNA patterns with others; these individuals are commonly called your “soul group.”  Members of a soul group often travel together through lifetimes and star systems, though are less likely to be members of your biological family.  You meet each other somewhere and you just know it.  Every wonder where the idea of “soul sister/brother” came from?

Soul-level DNA needs to be “active” — giving and receiving vibrations — to connect you with frequencies of information and awareness that guide your life.  It stays inactive until the “right time” — in your spiritual path, star chart, or shifts in planetary energies (like those occurring now).  For an activation to be powerful and impactful, all you need is openness to receive the doorways and pathways that are waiting for you.

DNA activation is the transfer of energetic (vibrational) codes, through awakening or healing sacred geometry, to your soul DNA structure to “turn it on.”  Activations are the guiding Light of spiritual evolution into new realities and experiences.  I like to describe the process as turning on the “ignition” of a (creative) engine — that is, your Soul-guided life.  The DNA activation provides the key and your intention to receive it lights the ignition!

You can receive many DNA activations over your life.  Each is an invitation and doorway to the next step of your soul awakening and ascension.  They are a powerful aspect of changing the vibrational field of your life, and affect your awareness, experiences, and manifestations at a deeper level than physical, emotional, or mental patterns.

To learn more about receiving soul DNA activations, please click here

To learn more about soul DNA activations, please click here.

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