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soul dna activation yosemite

“Sky Dance,” sunset after thunderstorm, Ten Lakes, Yosemite National Park, California, USA, June 2013

After many hours, and probably many years, of working on “your issues,” your manifestations, and your life’s work, you have probably already eliminated a lot of the obvious.  Otherwise, you probably would not have found this website and would not be reading this article.  Just by asking the question that lead you to this article tells me that you are already a good ways along your path of healing, awakening, and ascension.

I trust that you asked a question that lead you here, consciously or subconsciously.  We are always deeply guided on our journey and find the next step when it is time.

The vibratory field of your soul DNA

In another article, I discuss the effect of “vibratory patterns” on your life, and how your awareness, experiences, and desires are actually reflections of a particular vibratory frequency and pattern, rather than singular event or even a series of events or memories.  When looking at your vibratory patterns, there’s another level to your vibration that you might not be aware of — that which comes from your soul DNA.  Soul DNA is the “genetic makeup” that you take from lifetime to lifetime.  It goes far beyond the biology of your parents.

The deepest aspects of your energetic vibration arises from your soul DNA.  Soul DNA connects you to the possibilities, the experiences, and (sometimes) constraints, acquired from other lifetimes.  It is a beautiful and amazing pattern on a grand scale — as an eternal being, you have traveled far and wide.  These awareness and gifts from so many lives, practices, masteries, and teachings are contained in your soul DNA.

Breaking through vibratory “stuckness”

In order for you to access this “hidden treasure,” or crystalline repository of energy and awareness, your soul DNA sequences need to be activated.  You can think of it like an antenna — the circuits must be attached and running in order to receive information.  Your soul DNA contains many “antennas” and they are tuned to different frequencies.  Most simply, to send and receive, it needs to be turned on.

If you keep “sending” and “receiving” on the same frequency, over and over,  you experience your life, or a part of your life, as being “stuck.”  You hit a ceiling of sorts, or you know more is possible but you do not know how to get there from here.

A “stuck” vibratory pattern in your life arises from a stuck frequency.  To change the pattern — and everything that manifest from it — you need to change the frequency.  These changes in frequency are often experienced as “soul awakenings.”  Suddenly, you are “unstuck,” and able to perceive, live, and experience through a new set of glasses or “vibratory lens.”

I’ve been in this place many times along my path. I know the feeling of stuckness and circling, as well as the amazing experience and dramatic change that occurs when I’ve passed through the “glass ceiling” to a new plane of energy and awareness.

Soul DNA activations: ignition for the next step

At the core, it is quite simple.  Change your core frequency, change your vibratory pattern, and change your life.  The next question — how?

The “unlocking” or “activating” of soul DNA occurs by receiving specific sacred geometries of energy and awareness.  These awakening or healing sacred geometry contain vast information to “turn on” DNA sequences and initiate new vibrations.  Soul DNA activations are unique to an individual, and unique to a particular time and energetic “place” in life.

The opportunity for a soul DNA activation occurs when you are ready to take “the next step.”  That means something different to everyone, but your next step is guided by inner knowing and intention.  It is possible (and likely) to receive many soul DNA activations for empowering your soul ascension and awakening process.

While soul DNA activations are powerfully transformative and can suddenly catalyze new awareness and abilities, they do not substitute for other types of personal healing work, and vice versa.  That is, all of the other forms of helpful and powerful healing and awakening practices (meditation, bodywork, yoga, energy healing on the physical body) can assist you in preparing to receive a soul DNA activation, but they are not a substitute or replacement.

As I described above, your soul DNA organizes and initiates a vibratory pattern at the deepest level of your being, the soul-level.  Other practices and healing modalities focus on other aspects — psyche, body, meridians/chakras.  Of course, those are important and necessary to have a clear, high vibrational vessel (body and physical energy system), but they do not directly affect your soul DNA or create a soul DNA activation.

A soul DNA activation, and the resulting vibratory or energy frequency shift, is “ignited” by the transmission of a soul-level sacred geometry key or code — of vast complexity. These keys open the pathways to new vibrations and new ways of living and perceiving our multi-dimensional Earth.  What an individual experiences is specific to where they are and what they desire — soul DNA activations are precise, individualized, and directly aligned to where you are on your soul journey.  To learn about receiving soul DNA activations, please click here!

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