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“Expanding reality,” north shore of Kauai, Na Pali coast, Hawaii, USA

The shock of what is around you

Many of my articles are inspired by questions that my clients ask … and a client asked me to write something about this experience, after I explained what was happening during her soul awakening process.

Much of what is described about spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and soul ascension is written,  directly or indirectly, by marketers.  I am not commenting on this to be critical or disparaging, but to honestly point out the source, or cause, of the widespread expectations surrounding the soul awakening process.  In order to advertise a book, workshop, spiritual practice, or whatever, the soul awakening or ascension process tends to be emphasized as a blissful, exciting, joyful, and luminous.

Well, this is only one aspect of the experience of a deep or genuine awakening of higher soul awareness (for most people).  Connection to the beauty of your inner soul nature, the essence of existence, and infinite creative potential are awesome, extraordinary, and brilliant experiences of true reality.  However, there’s another part of the experience that tends to not be mentioned so much.

What is that?


All of a sudden, after you have broken through a layer of your “reality container,” you experience the clarity, uplift, and revitalization that is now available from the higher vibrational energies and dimensions of existence.  But there’s something else that comes with seeing clearly and expansively: you are like to suddenly become more aware of the density or “darkness” all around you.  And it’s not so pretty.

Light and Densitysoul awakening ascenion trees vertical

When your soul awakening or ascension process brings the “good stuff,” you assume that  you are on the “right track.”  Suddenly feeling so much disorder, darkness, disconnect, and violence in the world, or people around you, can be quite shocking and disorienting.  The world hasn’t changed — your reference point of awareness has.

Now, elevated in your energy and awareness, you are perceiving from a new perspective and see, feel, and experience what has been around you all along.  But you weren’t aware of it when you were in the middle of it.  When you are “in” the same frequency band, or set of energies, then there is no contrast to perceive them as anything but “normal.”

This is the gift and the challenge of the awakening.  You have moved into an elevated place of awareness.  Part of fully embracing the expansiveness and fullness of your awareness is also recognizing the energies, thought forms, patterns, intentions, and configurations of the lower vibrational reality.

Some simply describe the world around them as seeming more “dense.”  That’s a good description of how lower vibrational energies (reflected in physical objects, beings, emotions, etc.) feel in contrast to a state of higher awareness.  There’s no judgement here — it is simply an accurate description of the relative energetic contrast.

The trap of seeking validation

You aren’t mistaken when you perceive — often dramatically or suddenly — the contrast and density around you.  Yes, those energies, interactions, intentions, and patterns are actually destructive, extractive, and out of alignment with the higher flows of creation.  Recognizing this is a “symptom” of truly seeing more clearly and deeply.

I emphasize this point because the world around you isn’t likely to validate (much) this aspect of your awakening and new level of awareness.  In fact, it might lash out in various ways.  Deceptions, mal intentions, extractive behaviours, and the multitudinous forms of soul entrapment that exist tend to not like to be seen for what they are.  Whether they be in a relationship, company, organization, or broader culture.

The tendency for many is to go outside of yourself to look for validation and approval of what you have discovered.  On the soul ascension path, this can be very counter-productive, especially if you are like most and are waking up in a family, job, and community where soul awakening is poorly understood and minimally experienced.  As noted above, many regard outside perspectives as threats to comfort in their reality, and don’t act in such encouraging ways to even well-intentioned input.

soul awakening ascension leaf Entanglement with polarity

Truly living the potential of soul awakening is coming to terms with your new awareness — both of the empowerment inherent in your luminous nature and higher awareness AND the density and limiting structures around you.

These are NOT in opposition.  This is a very key point.

The lower vibrational energy fields propagate and sustain polarity because it keeps beings (on the physical and soul level) entrapped as they continually connect with or engage the lower vibrational energies and patterns.

Sometimes this is simply habit, and sometimes it comes from (deeply held) belief systems around caring, supporting, or working with others.  The ongoing opposition or engagement with the polarity results in endless cycling; that is, trying to “do something” about what is simply a dominant characteristic of the current planetary reality structure.

An alternative pathway is recognition and observation — WITHOUT physical, emotional, or energetic engagement.  There is much that can be learned without taking action to change someone or something — reflective presence can uplift all by creating a space of allowing new awareness, and new choices, to unfold in the right timing.

Continuing your uplift and awakening

My recommendation is to use your higher awareness and discernment to identify those sources of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual support which are genuinely interested in your unconditional uplift and sovereignty.  If someone or something wishes you to see or act a certain way, chances are that they are deriving benefit from you being in that (vibrational) place of awareness and creation.  And I would describe that as a conflict of interest for your ongoing (full) soul awakening and elevation of awareness.

The next aspect is a matter of your choice and commitment.  How fully aware are you willing to become?  Consciously answering this question is very important because it is very possible to actively or subconsciously maintain or insert filters (even into higher awareness) in order to avoid undesired or uncomfortable recognitions and conclusions.  Proceed with care here, as the comfort of limited awareness tends to be short lived.  There’s a saying: you can only be betrayed by what you don’t see.

soul healing clearingFinally — and most importantly — “keep your eyes” on the higher vibrational energies, true potential of your soul’s freedom, and your luminous creative capacity.  Recognizing density, distortions, and polarity does NOT mean fixating on those aspects of reality.  Lower vibrational energy forms (of all scales) also have their own path and potential of elevation and awakening.  Not all beings choose the same path in the same way and at the same time.

This brings us to the heart of the soul ascension process.  Each step forward of awakening is deeply a matter of choice.  You can (re)cycle or you can expand.  Which pathway of awareness and energy you experience will be determined by intention, attention, focus, and consciously directing your life in the direction of the reality that you wish to experience, create, and share with others.

My passion is to support your soul awakening process and empower your next step of illumination and creativity.  To learn more about receiving guidance, healing sacred geometry, or soul clearings to ease and accelerate your journey, please click here.

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