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The “whole” view of energy & consciousness

While the wisdom within this article is simple, the benefits to how you live and evolve your life are profound.  I see a chronic deficit of awareness of energetic relationships and interactions from the viewpoint of the “whole.”  Instead, people (frustratingly) try to evolve and make changes from focus on energetic “parts.”

That’s why I’ve chosen to write this article: to help you step into a much larger and more powerful field of awareness so you can EFFECTIVELY create the life, reality, and world that you desire.  I’m NOT going to recycle the expression that “the whole is the sum of its parts.”  Rather, I will explain how “the whole is the (energetic) flow of its parts.”

This awareness is far from simply “personal” — there are much more vast implications of a “wholeness-based” orientation to the movements of energy.  For healers and lightworkers reading this article, I have devoted a special section at the end to help you see your larger role in the evolution of the “planetary whole.”

soul awakening perspectiveFundamentals of energy flows: relations between “parts”

When you focus on a part, then you (completely) miss the interaction between parts, and how they co-evolve in your life (and the world around you) .  Seems obvious, eh?  But this pattern of perception is very, very common.  People tend to see BOTH problems and new opportunities as “parts.”  They identify a “problem” that needs attention — for example, a relationship, job, employee, child, etc.  Or they identify a new possibility — and decide to  “do something” to change/improve their health, finances, spiritual practice, etc.

Therefore, the tendency is to have a view of an “issue” or an “action” — but NOT the larger field of relationships.  It is interactions or relationships — not the isolated parts — that create, move, and consume energy, often “behind the scenes.”

As long as you just focus on the part, or if that part is very isolated or contained, then you can experience and sustain changes and improvements in your creations.  But very few aspects of life can remain isolated for very long.  So the efforts at making a change or improvement fade away or dwindle.  Why does that diminishment happen (over and over)?

Recognizing “ditches” and “hills” of life force

At all scales of creation, we can visualize “ditches” and “hills” of energy flows.

Simply, if you visualize creative flows in terms of gravity, energy flows into “ditches.”  Ditches are structures designed to capture energy from the surrounding area — it is their inherent parasitic or extractive nature.  Talking to a ditch about doing or being something other than this is futile.  The ditch cannot be a “different kind of ditch.”  It would have to become something else entirely.  Ditches generally have limited imagination to see or embrace the possibility of evolving beyond ditch-ness (extraction).

I probably don’t have to describe much more here — you can feel the energetic “ditches” in your life (as well as in the larger world).  It’s where you life force, time, energy, and creativity go without much fruition.  The big drains of peace, joy, and energetic evolution.

Correspondingly, there are the upwellings of positive action, enthusiasm, creativity, vision, and new ideas — call those the “hills” of energy and creation.  The “biggest” (individual and planetary) hills are directly connected to pure Source energies and expressions of the infinite Divine Feminine.

soul awakening sunset point reyesConnections between ditches and hills

When you have ditches and hills in a system of relationships or interactions, energy flows down from hills (sources of expanding or uplifting energy) and into ditches (consumers or extractors of energy).  Not all of it — some spreads out — but a lot of the energy of the system ends up heading for the ditch.  So if you build bigger hills while ignoring the surrounding ditches, most of the energy of (your) expanding creation is dissipated.

That’s why you can make changes or improve your life in one area, only to have those efforts “cancelled” or “consumed” by another part of your life.  People often like to focus on “easy” or “favorite” parts, while avoiding others.  This conscious or subconscious avoidance inherently creates fragmented systems of energetic relationships, and makes it hard to sustain growth, uplift, and evolution.

Parts in isolation: a recipe for energetic instability

In a system where the interaction between (some or all) ditches and hills is ignored, then an instability builds.   Ditches and hills in close proximity are particularly problematic and often accelerate disruptive flows.  This could be from people in the same organization (business, family, nation, etc.) where one person or group lives and acts as a “hill” of energy, and other(s) are content to collect and consume energy (ditches).

soul awakening point reyesMany scenarios can play out — on all scales.  The higher energy flows can be drained and dissipated.  Or, the hills (energy sources) can become aware of their connection to an endless “feeding” system and choose not to participate.  Alternatively, the hills wear down while the ditches partly fill, resulting in a more even flow of energy, but of a lower vibrational nature for all.  This is a very different outcome than if the hills remain high, and the low ground elevates.

Another possible scenario, if the contrast or tension between elevation and extraction persists, is a catastrophic leveling or collapse as energy eventually re-distributes according to the laws of creation. These events can occur on different scales, with sudden and dramatic consequences for the many beings connected to an energy system (e.g. an organization, a country, or a planet).  Much of my planetary service efforts are devoted to mitigating these forms of dramatic “Earth changes” on the larger scales.

When seen from the whole of the system, it makes more sense to “fill in” or “relocate” the ditches before adding more energy into the system (building a bigger hill).  Or actually, simultaneously seeing and responding to both “hills” and “ditches” is preferred since these energy flows are really non-linear.

This is where taking a “whole” energy view REALLY shifts the creative dynamics of your life.  Instead of reacting to parts, or favoring/avoiding some parts, you take stock of as big of a picture as you can.  Then you can focus your time and efforts on shifting the ENERGY FLOWS that need the most attention — this gets much closer to core transformation than substituting or replacing parts.

You can also redefine which parts are in a system — this can be a very powerful way of re-creating a reality.  In this way, the entire system can elevate at once — the ditches have the option of transforming, or cease to exist in proximity to hills.  And higher vibrational energy flows can build higher without losing much of their increased energy to perpetual drains.

galactic consciousness point reyes sunsetExpanding into the “whole” of galactic consciousness

There’s no limit to where you can apply the shift in perspective that I’ve just described.  This core awareness of ditches, hills, and energy flows is as fundamental to living my daily physical life as it is to my work in identifying planetary-scale energetic instabilities that need support.

There is a relatively small, but growing, number of people are waking up to the bigger picture of their soul purpose and calling to support planetary uplift and renewal.  The awareness offered below is devoted with gratitude to you, so you can expand your perception to include even larger scales than you might have previously recognized.

Shifting to a galactic understanding  of the evolution of energy and consciousness provides a powerful “re-frame” on the impact of your actions and creative potential.   For two reasons.

First, you can step out of yet another level of isolation, that is, the isolation of a life oriented to local (including planetary) dramas.  You are part of something much, much larger, with a scale of impact across time and space that is nearly impossible to imagine and describe from orientation to just the “planetary part.”

Second, you can you truly realize the depth and extent of your power.  When you see across time and space from the vast view, the emotional reactivity that comes from various dramas (personal and/or planetary) fades.  It’s like dust or a pebble in the trail.  Seeing from the level of galactic consciousness, you can focus on what really benefits the future of the greatest number of beings, as well as put any challenges or perceptions of limitation in perspective.

The same principles described above apply to vast scales of space and time.  Planetary ditches are addressed to stabilize and elevate galaxies.  And galactic ditches are addressed to stabilize and elevate Universes.  What happens in this planetary system has significance far beyond the perceived “planet.”

Bottom line: BOTH problems and impact are defined by your reference point.  If you energetically elevate, and expand the reference point of your soul journey to galactic consciousness, and beyond, the current needs, choices, and dramas in front of you dramatically change.  You become connected, empowered, and guided by an awareness that is far greater than the limited “parts” that dominate your world view from a smaller view of evolving energy and consciousness.

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