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Na Pali sunset for spiritual awakening and soul ascension

“Opening Onward,” Na Pali sunset, Kauai, Hawaii, USA, April 2014

It’s ok to make changes in your life. And it is especially ok to make those changes now, in our changing world and evolving planetary system. This might seem like an obvious message, but there’s much behind it — and why I’m offering this perspective to the many, many people that I encounter who are looking to make changes in their lives, big and small.

In this article, I share how to release the single most common “block” to the flow of change that I have observed in almost EVERY one of my clients creating life changes as part of their spiritual awakening or soul ascension process.  May this awareness serve your journey and uplift in this extra-ordinary time of energetic evolution and empowerment!

The culture of “pseudo-change”

There’s a lot of confusion about what “change” is all about.  We are living in a culture of what I call “pseudo-change.” There’s much invocation of the technological mantra of improving and changing — the newest software, the best phone, the greater featured gadget. Use this or do that to “change” your way of doing business, communicating, working, socializing, etc.

This kind of change is the most simple and crude level of change possible and creates confusion, and often, distraction from creating “real” changes in your life.  Not that I am saying that my new iPad is simple or crude. Far from it! But making the “change” to upgrade a device or trade-in a phone is trivial and superficial compared to heart- and soul-directed change.   The latter is changing your “inner way of life,” and stepping up to the big “outer” life changes that might be required to follow through with that new pathway: moving to a different place, ending relationships, committing to relationships, and creating new energetic flows (e.g., changing jobs or selling a business).  You are moving, or being called to move from, a very different place in your Being or soul.

Changes that stop you in your life track

Inner change is the type of change that wakes you up in the middle of the night or stops you in your life track because you KNOW that you have reached a dead end in the energy stream that you are living. Actually, this is far more healthy, awakened, and “tuned in” than the alternative of unquestioning smooth sailing. Fear, frustration, and emotional conflicts are not a problem by any means — especially now as the evolution of the planetary system accelerates. Emotional reactions and intense feelings are indicators and reflections of emerging or existing energy shifts, choices, and contrasts.

To be direct and honest about the ascension or spiritual awakening process, turmoil is a quite normal and expected experience as energy patterns shift and dissolve into new forms.   You are feeling and allowing Life to re-express itself through you. From that view, even tumult can have a magical and amazing quality to it. How is anything new going to arrive, grow, and expand without clearing out (inner and outer) space for it? (For more on this, read my article on working with e-motions as part of spiritual awakening and empowered soul ascension).

Recently, a client arrived for her soul energy session with me and immediately told me that she was exhausted from the previous night. Without any obvious reason or previous history, she woke up screaming from a disturbing dream. While I had understanding and compassion for the unpleasantness and discomfort of her experience, my first response was: “This is wonderful.” Why? Because she was really connecting to something deep below the surface that was ready to be “heard” — loudly and with powerful energy. That’s the kind of change that transforms, awakens, and brings you face-to-face with your destiny path or soul purpose. No one that I know of wakes up screaming in the middle of the night when deciding whether to “change” their smartphone.

Why is making changes so difficult?

So why is making changes often so difficult? Obviously there are many logistical and emotional issues to many shifts. We could talk about the variations in these for a long time. I’d like to share the very simple, core pattern that I have observed that holds so many energies in place and makes it seemingly difficult, frightening, or onerous to undertake deep or extensive life changes.

Here it is: most people have a deeply held belief system that “Making changes is NOT ok.” I call it a belief system, because it shows up in many forms, with cultural and personal twists.  Try it out for yourself right now — state the opposite — “It is ok to make changes” and see what kind of reflection or reaction arises. Try again — “It is ok to make big changes.”  How do you feel being in that place of awareness? There’s no judgment or expectation here about “results” or “consequences” — this is a neutral, direct statement of allowing.

Allowing is the core of the expansive and empowering perspective that I am suggesting.  Being ok with making changes is grounding yourself in a mental orientation and energetic pattern of inviting, receiving, and allowing. You can allow new things into your life. You can allow old things to leave your life. You can allow yourself to want something different than you wanted before. You can allow yourself to choose and act to create something different than you used to enjoy. It’s simply ok to make changes — from the big to the small ones. You can move, you can change careers, you can color your hair, or you can follow your intuition to do something that you have never done before.

The constraining belief system of “making changes is not ok” often has its roots well beyond your current experiences. In past generations, and still, in many countries, there were not so many choices and life did not change much. You lived in one place, you did one job, and you dressed pretty similarly to everyone else. In this context, the unknown or the different becomes a cause for suspicion and fear rather than an opportunity for exploration and opportunity.

This multi-faceted cultural, economic, and political legacy brings forth a personal and collective “entrainment” into patterns of perceiving that keep you emotionally, mentally, and physically “staying put” — and, often, believing or (grudgingly) accepting that this is the better or best way to be. Simply wanting something else or to make a life change can seem like a betrayal (of a person or institution) or selfishness (because you aren’t happy with what everyone else is putting up with).

An uplifting and empowering way of embracing change

The alternative is a fluid, responsive, and expansive energy pattern, that is open and receiving new possibility. Not change for the sake of change or distraction, but change that expands the possibilities for your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical evolution. That’s the key in discerning “pseudo-change” from empowering and uplifting change. Are you expanding and evolving in your heart and mind/awareness as a result? Are you exploring somewhere (within) that is new or simply re-creating something with a tweak? Are you going through the motions of change and just painting over something that you do not want to see?

My core message is that entering into a mental and energetic space of allowing — receiving and accepting the questions, opportunities, and choices of life — dramatically dissipates the drama around “making” life changes.

In fact, I suggest going a step further and NOT even approach your situation as “making changes.” Instead, I would “allow and receive changes” into the flow of my expanding and evolving life. Making people and stuff do things can take a lot of energy and generate quite a fuss in the process. The balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces of creation is to open, allow, receive, and be poised to (gracefully and powerfully) act in the right moment.

It’s (planetary) time for big changes. Transitions have ups and downs as energies ebb (flow out) and arise (flow in). This is a simple and natural process to observe, explore, and enjoy (as much as possible!). You can truly shift one point of awareness within yourself — “Making changes is ok” — and immediately invite a vast flow of uplifting, empowering, and expanding energy to guide and support you moving forward.

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