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Energy Vibration soul DNA activation

“Crossroads of Time”
trails in sand, Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur, California, USA

What’s your viewpoint?

Where you are standing really determines your view.  It’s the same when you are looking at forest, or looking at the events of your life.  When I’m backpacking through the Sierra Nevada, I very curious about the plants and wildlife along the trails.  I constantly scan for new birds, monitor the season by which flowers are in bloom, and see what types of trees are growing well.  There’s so much life, so much color, even so much nuance in the greens of pines and spruces, and grey speckling of granite.

But it always is a reward of a long uphill, and often a surprise, to see the forest from a higher vantage point.  On a ridge, you can see the greater patterns of the landscape — lines of trees, stripes of bushes, and, sometimes, sharp transitions from one type of ecosystem to the next.

The vibratory patterns of your body, mind, and energy system are much the same.

Up close, you see events, particular memories, and experience particular pains and illnesses.  These are as vivid and engaging as the flowers, birds, and varied landscape of a forest.  But they are hard to truly understand from this viewpoint.

And if you cannot see something for what it is, it is challenging to see the source and make deep or core changes.  As a result, you spend a lot of time weeding, pruning, and mulching, but everything keeps growing back.  Sometimes in the same spot, sometimes a little ways away where a seed fell.  But you still spend a lot of time gardening your mind, body, energy system, and emotions with little or slow progress.

A more powerful and direct path to healing and transformation

I am going to propose to you that you can “change your life” — that is, shift your perceptions, experiences, and creations — in a much more direct and powerful way.

Instead of focusing on an issue (such a changing jobs, a relationship, or an illness), an event, or a memory as “what to heal” or “what to manifest” or “what to release,” I ask you to see these instead as a “reflection.”  But … a reflection of what?

That’s the key question right there.  What is this desire, problem, or obstacle a reflection of?  It is not isolated.  It is part of a larger tapestry.  Something similar might have happened before — but that’s NOT what I’m talking about.  It is good to note that, but that perspective is still on “the surface.”  Where are these “reflections” bubbling up from?

Think for a minute about “the bubbles.”  When you see bubbles rising up in a lake or in a pot of boiling water, you recognize that “something” created them.  That “something” is ultimately a source and flow of energy.  In response to that energy, the bubbles appear.  So what is the source of the bubbles floating up in your life?  If you turn off the stove, the bubbles in the pot go away.  Much more expedient than popping dozens or hundreds of bubbles in order to “make” the water be still again.

Freedom is found at the source

Every energy flow and pattern in your life has a source.  Repeat: every energy flow and pattern in your life has a source.  Something got this started.

That sourcepoint is usually an event, something that is likely below your conscious awareness.  And it is possible that you have blocked or separated yourself from that awareness because it is too painful, sad, disappointing, or otherwise undesirable to face.  In order to shield yourself from that memory, or, in response to a decision, agreement, or conclusion that you reached after that experience, a particular vibratory pattern is created in your energy system.

That vibratory pattern is “stitched” into your life with a framework of judgements, beliefs, and worldviews.  But again, those are the reflections of the vibratory pattern, not the pattern itself.  This is where my perspective differs from many.  I see energy (and an associated point of awareness) as the root of the pattern, and the other aspects as reflections of that initiating or source energy frequency.

Conventional forms of energy healing work very well for physical and emotional vibratory patterns.  By this I mean energy healing that is directed at the intersection of the physical body (with its biochemistry of emotions and neural pathways) and the physical energy system (as described with meridians and chakras).

Soul DNA: the source of your deepest vibratory patterns

However, there are vibratory patterns that go beyond the physical, emotional, and simple psychological levels.  These vibratory patterns can come with us from previous lifetimes, or, are a result of being in a body on a relatively dense energetic planetary plane.  But, whatever the cause, they can shape our entire life and set up blinders and “channels” without us realizing when and where they originated.

These are soul-level vibratory patterns, and are part of our soul DNA.  There many pathways to releasing lower vibrational soul DNA, but that’s only half of the story.   And “weeding and pruning” doesn’t plant or activate new seeds to grow.

Dormant or inactive (higher vibrational)soul DNA needs to be activated in order to bring a new vibratory pattern and frequency to your life.  This is why “soul DNA activations” are an important part of awakening, healing, and ascension pathways.  A soul DNA activation is like a key in a doorway for your soul to pass through and awaken at a new level of high vibrational awareness.  In this way, at your very vibratory core, activating a soul-level energy frequency can bring deep, lasting, and powerful transformation where nothing else has touched before.

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