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“Opening Potential,” coastal flower, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California


From the perspective of the physical life and body, we can talk about “emotions” as hormones, biochemistry, and pathways in the nervous system.  Candice Pert famously described the physical body in terms of “molecules of emotion.”  But what sets those “molecules” into motion?  Why and how are we triggered into emotional reactions and responses?  Are emotions our allies, or opponents, on the path to peace and joy in life?

And, most importantly, how can we have mastery of our emotions so that we perceive and create with clarity and purpose?

We can see and work with our emotions in a much more expansive and powerful way by moving beyond the physical perspective of experience.  We are beings that are so much more than our physical bodies — and have experiences that extend across time and space beyond what is immediately perceived with the eyes, nose, and skin.  When we open our awareness to embrace the full experiences, connections, and “lives” of our Soul, then we can be truly Aware and masterful of the present moment of our experience.

Emotions out of the 3D Box

healing sacred geometry soul clearingA redefinition of emotion is in order: e-motion = energy in motion.  That’s the core — our emotions aren’t simply “stuff” packed into our physical body or microscopic molecules. Emotions arise from connections to energy currents that flow across time and space.  And you can access information and awareness from the vastness of time and space to heal, elevate, and transform your life.

Here’s where it becomes really exciting and powerful.  We receive full awareness and mastery over our e-motions — our energies — by stepping out of the confines of third-dimensional time and space.  (Read more on our multi-dimensional universe here.)   You are free and empowered to release, restore, and elevate any and all experiences in any and all Time.  If you pick up (and use) these keys to self-mastery, all doors will open.

Let’s look at “Old Energy World” and “New Energy World” approaches to our emotions, experiences, and lives.  When we think and perceive in linear time, there is quite a complexity of stories, ideas, and relationships to sort out and turn over and over.  The struggles, hopes, and projections of past, present, and future are patterned and re-patterned in this process.  Honestly, it’s not very liberating.  Maybe comforting in some (familiar) respects, but not a highly recommended gateway to freedom and peace.

Here’s why.   Time actually does not “work” or play out in this linear progression of events.  That linear perception is a just a feature of the particular planetary plane that most beings are experiencing right now.  It seems real and obvious, but that’s a product of familiarity and certain planetary energetic structures.    But all of these are all changing

The reality of Time is that All  is accessible in the singular Present moment.  Different “times” are more precisely different vibrations of experience.  Just like the frequencies of radio stations, we can adjust the “tuner” of our awareness to different experiences — so-called different times.  This can be earlier in “this life” (i.e., this particular body) or in “past-lives” (i.e., experiences in another body or another place).  The past or present “order” is really not so significant to your body and awareness.

This is why events can bring up unexpectedly powerful e-motions and reactions.  You are not simply accessing the experience in front of you.  You are tapping into energy currents across vast time and place.  It’s like being a tuning fork that suddenly vibrates when a particular (often forgotten) frequency arises.  But it’s all here now.  And it doesn’t matter, vibrationally speaking, whether a memory/vibration is 10 years old or 500 years old.  The energy and awareness of that experience is offering itself, in this moment or situation, for observation, release, and new realization.

Mastery of E-motion

By having the courage and willingness to meet with your e-motions, you create a pathway for a new awareness and the peace-filled resolution of the energy stream.   After all, the best flowers will grow from good compost.  This is the cycle of energy creation and re-creation in all its wonder and beauty.

Here’s the nutshell of healing and working with e-motion outside of linear confines:

What you’ve got is the Present moment. 

Your energies and all experiences are accessible from the Present. 

You can decide to create anew (change) in the Present. 

If it helps to make a story about “when” and “where,” there’s no particular harm in doing that.  BUT I strongly recommend NOT giving your power of elevation, transformation, and creation away to the story.  Any change in body, mind, and e-motion (energy) is going to happen in your Present awareness.  Not in the perceived time-space of the story. The transformative time-space is Now.

Said another way, emotions are experiences of energy and awareness that come and go.  Each is an opportunity to connect more deeply with the essential joy at the heart of your being that always is present beyond the e-motion.   Releasing the “motion” of the energy connects you to your essential Stillness and peace.  In this way, you can “compost” lower vibrational energies (release undesired emotional patterns) and plant new life. Or  you can just keep turning over the pile of muck by only focusing on the energy in motion.

The turn-over habits tempt the mind and body with the seeming ease of familiarity.  Emotional experiences and reactions can get into easier-to-follow ruts and roads, but nothing but habits and patterns are keeping you from creating a new trail.  You start — in the Present — to flow your energy and awareness in a new direction.  Just start!  Immediately, a new reality and new pathway is being created.  You can always go back to the old road at any time — all possibility  is entirely in the choice of directing your attention and intention.

But as you choose to move more and more within a new pathway, the old emotional road will become more “distant.”  Perspectives will be different and “bigger picture.”  Losses or struggles will be harder to find or remember.  Memories become less e-motionally reactive.   It may SEEM distant in time and space, but really, it is distant in your vibration of energy.

From the perspective of the physical body, you perceive yourself as moving in “time” and “space,” but, really, you are essentially moving in energy and awareness.  The emotional changes — release, peace, and freedom — come from shifting your energetic frequency and awareness.  You can perceive that you “move away” in time or space, but the energy and awareness endure or return until you bring forth their elevation and resolution.

Motion & Stillness

soul healing emotional freedomBut HOW does one actually do this?  We could spend pages and pages on practices, techniques, and ways of working with energy-in-motion.  What I truly want to emphasize (nutshell #2!) is that your peace and freedom lies in making the distinction between e-motion (energy in motion) and stillness.  Too often, all of the attention is on the obvious or demanding “motion” — the feeling, sensation, or swirling idea that is grabbing for attention.  Focusing on the motion keeps the motion going.  To perceive and act from a place of clarity and wholeness, one returns to connection with the essential Stillness with all life.

Stillness is present at the heart of all motion (creation) in every moment.  You don’t have to “go somewhere” else to experience it.  Just shift your attention.  Don’t wonder about it, do it.  Then open your heart to receive.  From the Stillness, you perceive with wholeness rather than react from the agitation of wounds and others’ energies.

To bring forth the mastery of e-motion in your life, I recommend two approaches. 

First, shift your attention and intention to stillness — and open to the peace, joy, and wholeness of your being.  Consciously shift as much as possible — be it in a 10 minute meditation or every five minutes during your day.   Just start — the contrast is startling! From this place, you can bring forth actions, decisions, and understandings of an elevated frequency of energy and awareness.   This is what I discussed earlier as creating “a new road.”

Second, you address the e-motion; that is, the motion of the energy.  To create a pathway, space, or container in which it can come to fully to rest.  At the point of “rest,” you have elevated the energy, and restored your freedom to create from the Stillness of your Soul.  To be fully present in what-is right now.  As I said above, there are many pathways to work with energy in motion: exercise, art, meridian/chakra balancing (e.g., EFT, acupressure, etc.), meditations, and bodywork, to just name a few categories.

Let me repeat — the spiritual transformation occurs in the return to and realization of the stillness of Soul, NOT in the mechanics of working with the energy in motion.  Too many are lost in the practice or process and lose sight of actually receiving the awakening.  In fact, what you will realize as you deepen in the practice of e-motion and stillness, is that they are not separate or mutually exclusive.  The experience then becomes one of simultaneously experiencing your essence as stillness AND e-motion.  Yes, though it may seem strange to imagine, you can be at peace and, at the very same moment, “feel” or be aware  of rage (or any emotion).  The energy-in-motion “flows” through the Stillness, like water in a riverbed.  You do not “feel” still — you ARE still.

Seeing & Experiencing Changes

Sometimes, you initiate the energetic (e-motional) shift before you fully perceive new awareness and creations in your physical body and life.  This is normal — energy and thought moves more quickly than physical stuff.  You can shine a flashlight across your backyard and see the other side instantaneously.  But it would take some time to walk over and look at that spot.

So that’s the paradox — working with e-motions outside of linear time and space is both powerfully creative AND can require a (little) bit of patience, sometimes, to fully experience the third-dimensional physical shift.  This works in your favor — the “time lag” of dimensional experience allows you to focus and concentrate your energy on a change, rather than grappling with the instant manifestation of every thought and impulse.

As your vibrational life elevates, and becomes consistent, you become more powerful and instantaneous in your creations.  Practice well.  Be clear in your Heart’s true desire.  Your attention and energy flow are going to deliver your reality more and more quickly as you enter into the higher vibrations of energy beyond the physical body and linear time-space.

When you step into the energy and awareness of your Soul beyond this body, time, and perceived world, you open yourself to who you truly Are.   You are meeting the fullness of your experience as an eternal being, in all its joy and challenges.  You are at the threshold to claim your power, self-mastery, and honor your responsibility as creator of your world.   My blessings to the immensity of your journey to be here now, in this transformative time.

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