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Begin with a simple question …

I would like to introduce a simple question that you can do throughout your day, to deepen your awareness and empowerment in the creation of your life and world. You can direct this contemplation to the “big picture” circumstances of your existence … all the way to the ordinary (or surprising!) rhythms and events of daily life.  The “size” of your inquiry is not so significant when seeking understanding of your reality.  What matters most in receiving an answer to this question (that is, expanded awareness) is to ask with an open heart and mind.

When we are strongly focused into our physical life, this simple, core question is very often neglected: what is the deepest origin of my experience of reality and the manifestations of my life?

To make your contemplation more fruitful, and jump start your awareness, I have written a short discussion of this question, based upon my years of reflection and own investigations.  Continue reading to learn more about “turning your reality inside out” …

More and more explanations of reality

Lots of schools of thought approach this query, and it is easy to imbibe a personal world view based upon a series of subconscious frameworks, without ever undertaking your own investigation of the relationship between the “origination point” and the “manifestation point” of your reality.

For instance, astrology and some shamanic teachings ascribe the forces that create life paths and events to the cosmos, stars, and planets.  Many approaches to modern western psychology believe that your thoughts, actions, and orientations to circumstances principally derive from your childhood, tracing the situations and decisions of your life to those memories and events.  Religious traditions are also keen on explaining origins and manifestions; much simplified, one line of thought sees “sin” as an origin point of suffering and another tradition sees “attachments” as creating the dramas and consequences of life.

Have you ever looked deeply into this yourself?  That is, without consciously or subconsciously using one of these filters and lenses?  I notice that people tend to be very enthusiastic about getting “reality explanations” by seeking others’ interpretations and finding new conceptual frameworks.   It reminds me of a spiritual piñata: aiming for the bright new structure believed to contain the “goodies” without considering that this piñata (and every piñata out there) is firmly anchored by a cord.

Many frameworks claiming to help explain and interpret reality are insightful and helpful to varying degrees, but it is hard to really understand what an explanation of reality leaves out unless you are able to look at the interpretation from BOTH the inside and outside of its original framework.  And furthermore, there’s a need to consider what holds that reality structure in place – how far and wide can it evolve itself (if at all)?

Turning reality inside out

orchid soul ascensionMany find it challenging to hold a perspective that is both “inside” and “outside” at the same time.  It’s hard to turn a sock inside out and wear it at the same time.  Though challenging your reference points of possibility, and requiring practice and development to sustain, it is an incredibly powerful and liberating point of awareness.

Let’s look at this further.  At the core, I suggest that to truly receive the liberating and elevating value of any explanation of a circumstance or event, you need to be able to see how the limits of your own awareness relate to the reality framework that you are using.  You cannot receive this larger perspective by reading a book or going to a seminar to study something — these show you a framework or explanation ONLY from the inside of the concepts and interpretations.  As a result, you can effectively get “stuck inside” a new reality container in the process of trying to elevate or liberate yourself.

The “outside” perspective comes from actively expanding your awareness — from contemplative stillness — to envelope the whole circumstance or framework that you are considering.   And then expanding your viewpoint even further to look at your question/problem from an awareness field that is larger than that which the issue is embedded within.  You can continue this expansion in many degrees and stages  — analogously, it is like focusing on a single cell, then opening awareness to the body in which the cell dwells, then to a planet, to a galaxy and beyond.

Notably, many (healing or awakening) frameworks are actually produced in response to a problem, rather than from the elevation of awareness that comes from the completed resolution or transcendence of the problem.  So you are still implicitly in the awareness field of the originating disruption when you use that perception or understanding of reality.   I hope that observation raises a few flags of concern and questions as you work on choosing your healing and soul ascension pathways.

Going beyond the “dead end” of reality awareness

From an expanded viewpoint, you are in a position to much more clearly determine what is truly valuable and useful for your soul ascension and awakening.  Vast scales are not necessary in every inquiry, but you may be surprised at how much more clearly you can perceive your smallest situation or decision from a more encompassing awareness.  Try it out and feel your way into a newly empowered perspective.

orchid soul ascension mokaraThere’s a significant caveat here, however, and why I emphasize contemplating the perspective of  “deepest origins” of your reality rather than primarily pursuing new meanings, relationships, or interpretations.  From my own reflections, I have realized that it is possible to create infinite belief systems and ideas to describe something in a new way.  I find this both fascinating — and a dead end.

In one aspect, (“new”) reality explanations and frameworks arise from infinite creativity and allow you to reimagine your world.

On the other hand, you can endlessly study, research, examine, and reinterpret a physical event or situation without ever reaching the substructure that creates the reality in which the event actually occurs.  That’s why I call it a dead end — you can examine and re-invent physical circumstances without ever going deep enough to reach the origin point in the structure of reality in which they occur.

Consequently, the possibilities and constraints of your own reality structure are taken for granted.  It’s kind of like re-decorating a room without every considering that you are actually in a room.  Or how the floor got there.  And whether there’s another level above the ceiling.  Furniture can come and go, and be re-imagined, without ever considering those core aspects.

In many respects, to reach core reality structures, you are actually focusing on smaller and more refined scales of awareness and observation in your world, rather than bigger scales of space and time.  Using the analogy above, you run the contemplation “in reverse”: to more fully understand the creation of a galaxy, your point of awareness arises from the sub-cellular or sub-atomic level.  An amazing possibility isn’t it?

Flowing into form: core reality structures

The mental entrapment that can occur around “new explanations” is why I limit offering stories to my clients and students, about their life situation or the events around a perceived energetic block or disruption (e.g., past life).  My focal point is the elevation of the core reality structure which generated the problem that they are seeking to resolve — beyond the many space-time cycles in which this issue has taken form.  In this way, we are truly moving from the “inside” to the “outside” of their reality framework to bring in new and transformative potential.

cymbidium orchid soul ascensionCore reality structures are outside of physical space-time, and by creating elevations and clearings from this point of awareness, it is possible to create a transformation and elevation that extends far beyond the present physical moment.

That’s why I usually call my work “soul-level” — that is, focused on the aspect of your existence outside of physical space-time.   We could also talk in terms of particle physics and field-particle transitions, but that’s usually more distracting or confusing than helpful.  (Thought it might be more precise in many “soul clearings” and the mechanisms of DNA activations.)  Regardless, the molecular, atomic, and sub-sub-sub-atomic are the levels on which the foundations of realities — personal and planetary — are created and then flow into form.  When seeking the “origin” points of physical realities, most trails of deep transformation will ultimately lead you here.

I hope that these observations offer you a doorway into a new field of contemplation and awareness.  If some of this is a bit confusing or challenging to grasp right now, that’s ok.  It is probably a different approach to reality than you are accustomed, and your practice in this contemplation will illuminate many of the observations above.  Also, the fruition of this contemplation is not a new mental understanding — this level of soul awakening is reflected in deep knowing or unarticulated shifts in your awareness.  If you experience that your reality is “turned inside out” — then I would say that you are on the right track of inquiry and elevation!

If you would like to learn more about my offerings of soul-level clearings and elevations — from the awareness of the deepest originating reality — please click here for more information.
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