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Soul Ascension Solstice Sunrise

Sunrise on Winter Solstice 2013, Santa Cruz mountains, Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, California, USA


Bringing new awareness, energy, and creations into your life usually requires releasing ideas, intentions, and manifestations that are not aligned with the future that you want to call forth. One aspect is changing or letting go of energy patterns and creations that no longer serve you. Another aspect is recognizing creations and life choices that have not come to fruition as expected. These can be like “invisible” energetic anchors to your soul ascension and spiritual awakening. Why? Because there’s (hidden or known) guilt or regret that keeps you attached to them.

From disempowerment to action

Guilt and regret over lost opportunities, inaction, or unfulfilled efforts can be very disempowering energies, leaving you cycling in a state of helplessness and self-criticism. But you can instantly transform your state of being and begin to elevate these energies.

How? The first step is honestly facing the experience and asking what you would have done differently.   Then, immediately take those actions. I really do mean as immediately as possible. This may not be in the same context, or even with the same people, but there are likely “mirror” images of the event or situation elsewhere in your life where you can take these steps.

In this way, you re-assert your creative power and move forward into a new vibrational reality — the “invisible” aspect of the energetic anchor is usually a form of avoidance. If you don’t look, then you don’t see it, and then you don’t have to deal with it. Over time, this requires more and more energy to sustain, by building various blocks, walls, and forms of self-deception. None of these will bring you with grace and ease into a higher vibrational future or empower your ascension and spiritual awakening.

At the core of soul-level ascension is conscious deconstruction of disharmonious energies and patterns.  Taking this path will always yield more uplifting results than reacting to a physical/emotional/mental crisis precipitated by accumulated avoidance.  True spiritual healing and soul awakening invite you to “step up” — to consciously face lower vibrational patterns and choices so you can move into higher vibrational awareness and creative capacity.

The fluidity of Time — transforming past, present, and future

Recycling guilt or regret in your physical, emotional/energetic, and mental bodies neither addresses the past nor opens new future pathways.   These “anchors” can unconsciously keep you attached to people, places, and situations that no longer serve your spiritual awakening or soul ascension.

It does not have to be this way! The process described above enables you to not only enhance your present and future creations, but also address accumulated energy from the “past.” (Time does not really exist in the simple linear sense, but I use that construct here because it is a useful way to relate to events and energy formations.  You can learn more in a short summary I’ve written about the perception of time.)

I call this process of transforming energies “crossing the crystalline bridge of energy/time.” Click here to learn about receiving soul-level guidance and support to cross this bridge into a flowing, open, and expansive future.

Because time is much more fluid than it appears in the “physical world,” you can work with transforming your “past” in your “present,” though the complexity of space, time, and dimensions brings much, much beyond this simple summary.  To resolve complex situations  in the “past”– and there is often more than meets the (physical) eye — requires lifetimes of practice and knowledge of trans-dimensional travel.  I do not wish to discourage anyone from creating their own solutions and spiritual healing, but I offer a caveat to reflect and be sure that you are fully comfortable with, and understand, what you are doing.  You can address many life situations in the way that I describe below, but others will pose unique challenges and issues because of the energies and beings involved.

When you elevate your “present” awareness, as described above by recognizing the different choices and actions that you could have made, you make that awareness available to BOTH your “past” and your “future.” For the future, it is relatively obvious — you bring forth a new creation by aligning your energies in a different way. But you can also address your energies and awareness in the “past.” This can be a very freeing part of your soul ascension and spiritual healing.

The proper way to approach this process is by identifying the other time(s) in which you would have benefited from what you realize now. Then, act as a guide and energetic support to your self in THAT time, in this incarnation or another. You do NOT bring the soul aspect or energies into THIS time/dimension, as that trans-time process can cause (severe) disruption. In essence, you are the messenger and bearer of your uplifted energy to help the being in the other time see differently and release the perceptions and energies that became “stuck” at that time. Those energies are “released” — free to evolve into a higher vibrational frequency.  Now, that elevated frequency  can be offered to yourself and others.  You cannot control or insist on if/how other beings will receive this offering, but you make it available “across time” through your present-day soul ascension.

Your soul timeline: “connecting the dots” of time

When I work with trans-time energies, for a individual client, or an aspect of the planetary system, I follow a similar process, but transmit the multi-dimensional energies of awareness in the form of soul sacred geometry.

For an individual, these reach deeply into alignments of energy on your soul’s journey and catalyze the next stages of your spiritual awakening and ascension. It is like “connecting the dots” on your past/future soul-level timeline into the present, which both supports completing aspects of your soulwork and reveals new pathways.

When living life through the lens of energy and consciousness, “time” is much more fluid than when you stay locked into physical outcomes and events. In many respects, it does not matter “when” you do something — what matters most is how clearly, consistently, and strongly you bring yourself into heart-centered alignment with the creation that you truly want.

My passion is to accelerate your soul ascension and awakening, clearing through blocks and opening new potential.  If I may be of support and service, please click here to learn more.

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