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yosemite soul awakening

Last night I was driving home, at the tail end of rush hour, in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley.  Not my usual travel time, I was struck by the intensity of energy in the area and vehicles around me.  BMWs and Teslas zipping by on a non-highway at 50 mph or more, eager to pass and catapult off from the next traffic light.

At one point, I was passed by a commuter bus for one of the local tech firms, with the logo “Push Us. Amaze Us. Inspire Us.”  Nice enough ideas, though probably reflecting some of the undercurrents of “pushing” to get ahead in the local traffic.

As I drove a little further, I was suddenly struck by the recognition that the “amazing” and “inspiring” focal point evoked above is actually a screen full of small colorful dots.  And this surface of colored lights has become an unquestioning source of reality for most people in this geographic area, if not the entire country and electrified world.

What a pervasive — and largely unquestioned — belief system!  The colorful lights on the multitude of screens that we encounter (computer, phone, TV, tablet, theater) are believed to inform, teach, reveal, or inspire new awareness, or at least provide a useful representation of our planetary and personal  “reality.”

Are you sure?

Screening your view of Reality

Soul awakening orchid

How many people ask if this belief system is actually true?

That is, by spending time and energy (financial, personal, organizational) with these electronic pixels, are you actually making true progress into the understanding of your life expression and the nature of reality?  And then, from this platform of pixels, are you able to develop more in authentic soul-level connection, psychological clarity, emotional wholeness, deep discernment, and physical well-being?

This is obviously not a new question or concern (at least for some).  What I’m pointing at here is a much deeper aspect than the effects of technology on human “quality of life.”  This is my query to you: what is the reality that you are receiving through electronic screens actually made of?  After all, we do call these electronic interfaces  “screens.”

What if this term is deeply accurate?  That the information and activities that you are receiving through the colored pixels are truly a “screen”?  And constant attention to these “screens” serves to distract and drift you away from all of the goals that do not relate to incorporating yourself more completely into a machine-based world and technologically structured life?

If that is your conscious intention, then no problem.  But I suspect that gradual machine assimilation is NOT the deeper aspiration of anyone on a path of soul awakening.

There is no inherent judgement in what I describe above.  I am pointing out a choice.  It’s a pivotal choice for each individual, as well as civilization as a whole.  It is quite possible to create an increasingly machine-based existence that exudes and promises many things — health, wealth, social connection — to name a few.  But are those “real”?  Or are they really a technological simulation of the “real thing”?

The “real things,” from my perspective, are the health, wealth, and connection that are entirely distinct from machines and technologies.  These originate from a direct connection to your soul essence and a non machine-based Source of All-that-Is.  Not created or disseminated from a device of any sort.  Bottom line: can you tell the difference?

True Source or high-quality Simulation?

soul awakening orchidI imagine that these reflections and questions could launch many into pages and hours of arguments and justifications of the value of assorted electronic devices.  I’m not suggesting some anti-technology return to agrarian lifestyles to save the planet.  My intention here is to evoke deeper discernment and point out a key choice — soul-level and physically embodied — that is on the table for consideration, and ultimately, decision, at this turning point of planetary and personal futures.  There are realities and civilizations (past and present) that have created an elevation and expression of consciousness far outside of the machine-based world; and whose “technologies” would make the current wonders look like children’s toys.

It’s not a choice between living in grass huts or having the comforts of the so-called modern lifestyle.  This is a choice about where you connect and anchor the higher awareness of your existence and soul-level associations.  Consider and check carefully.  There’s an immeasurable and vast difference between connecting to a machine and connecting with the pure, Divine origin of All-that-Is.

I suggest meditating, or going for a walk in a clear, high vibrational area, to examine the contrast for yourself.  You are empowered and sovereign in what future you choose and create.  You cannot be forced to accept a substitute or simulation of reality.  Unless you (unconsciously) allow your time, energy, and attention to condition your awareness into a state where you can’t tell the difference between the pure sovereign Source of existence and a high quality substitute.  Once your lose your discernment, you become open to deception and manipulation.

To receive assistance in clarifying your higher awareness, and re-connecting your soul energies to support your soul awakening, please click here.

May these questions, reflections, and observations uplift and empower you into a future of your conscious and clear choice.  Many blessings in your true connections, and re-connections, with an expanding, liberating, and elevating reality.
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