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Humpback whales soul ascension

“Receiving a new perspective,” Humpback whales near Moss Landing, Monterey Bay, California, USA


An offering of breakthrough awareness for soul ascension

I was lying in my sleeping bag on Monday morning, camped on the north boundary of Yosemite, for Memorial Day weekend.  Quite a remarkable two days had passed of energy clearings and elevations, complete with dramatic hailstorms and “wintry” May weather.  In the freshness of the early morning air, I saw a new phase of my soulwork opening before me.  At these doorways, I reflect very carefully, to discern the most direct and powerful way forward, both personal and planetary.  It’s easy to circle or get into tangents, missing or diffusing true potential.

In a brilliant moment of opening awareness, I saw the multi-dimensional landscape before me with a glowing simplicity — there are fundamentally only “two types of problems” on the path of soul ascension.  This simple awareness clarified a dozen considerations and released as many energetic cords of stasis and attachment.  I’d like to share and explain the “two problem types” with you here, so it may also expand, free, and ease your spiritual awakening and soul ascension.

“Ending the Life” of a Problem

For starters, a “problem” is simply something that is not how we would like it to be — an obstacle, an issue, a difficulty, a challenge — however you might call it.  As you elevate your energy and awareness, these come more powerfully into view — it’s fundamental to the process of soul ascension and spiritual awakening.  Yes, encountering “more” problems can be a very natural part of spiritual awakening as you see more clearly and deeply into your life! The inner drive of soul ascension creates a powerful desire to be free of obstacles and limitations on our inherently vast and free soul nature.

The first type of “soul ascension problem” is one that is in the process of being solved.  Now, I mean something very particular when I describe a “solution” or “resolution” to a problem.  It is when awareness expands or elevates into a new place or perspective, enabling energy to transform.  As BOTH the energy and awareness co-transform, the  configuration of reality that sustained the “problem” no longer exists in the same way.  In this process, the problem reaches what we experience as an “end.”

This “ending” or “resolution” can take infinite physical forms.  But at its essence, it is a completion of your time living in the reality where that issue or difficulty existed for you.  It’s done.  It may not be gentle, pretty, easy, or graceful, but energies and realities do reach end points in our lives.  Some of those end points are broadly elevating — the participants in the reality move into higheer vibrational states of existence and awareness together.  Other resolutions are more mixed — some move into new state of being and a “free of problem” experience while others continue in the same matrix of energy and awareness that created and sustained the perceived problem(s).  In a world of free will, and sovereign choice, this is how it works.  We each have the decision to elevate and release energies or to retain them in our multi-dimensional experience.

Please note that I’m not saying that your problem(s) end because you say that they end!  Saying something is not the same as transforming a framework of awareness and energy.  Stating the desire is a good start of intention.  Actually following through with the process of fully perceiving, releasing, and elevating the awareness and energies that created the “problem” configuration of reality (a.k.a. your life experience) is what actually manifests true completion.  The experience can be dramatic — in effect, you are “ending the life of the problem.”  If the completion is not that clear and potent, you are probably just doing what I am going to describe next.

Spinning the Problem Wheel Again

Above I describe what occurs when a problem is really solved (and the process of it really being solved).  There’s an endpoint, a transformation, and a liberation. You might experience a spiritual awakening or spiritual healing of sorts.  The “problem” does not reappear because its lifeforce (energy) is gone and its structure (plane of awareness) no longer supports it.  This liberation is the heart of soul ascension — you have stepped into a more spacious, empowered, and unencumbered reality.

In contrast, there are the “recycling problems.”  Can you feel the knot of knowing in your stomach?  The problems that don’t go away?  They seem solved, but then a few weeks or months later, they reappear?  The argument with your loved one that is a repeat of the last, just a different situation?  The employee that keeps making errors, just now with a different client?  Or the promise to do something that keeps getting to 70% or 90%, but the task or project drags on and on?

Here’s another bit of simplicity.  What results from the type 2 “recycling problems” that I describe above?  Energy drain.  Which reflects in disappointment, frustration, and dissipation of creativity.  There’s talk of the solution, but the cessation, completion, and renewal does not come or doesn’t last for very long.  In other words … Oh no, here we go again!  Soul ascension and spiritual awakening stagnate in this kind of energetic environment.

What kind of problem(s) do you have?

Now, in front of you, you have two types of problems: 1) those truly being solved and 2) those repeating and recycling themselves.  When you are “in the problem,” the immediate experience can be very similar — you feel like you are addressing something, doing something, resolving something, moving forward, or contributing to a good outcome.  But are you?

This is the pivotal question.   Many of our recycling problems are as comfortable as they are annoying — they keep us in particular relationship connections, work environments, and even committed to particular type of (social, environmental, spiritual) service.

Recycling problems — particularly getting involved in trying to sort out or solve others’ recycling problems — can be a great distraction from dealing with our “own business.”  There’s a lot of energy movement and apparent satisfaction in being a part of these long-term cycles of energy.  Whereas actually creating completions can be hard and bring us into new, uncomfortable reality experiences.   Spiritual awakening can be breathtakingly beautiful — but the process also requires you to “step up” and “step out” in new and unfamiliar ways (hence the concept of soul “ascension” beyond where you were before).

Above, I described the truly creating a solution as “ending the life of a problem.”  Ending something — even a problem — often brings up fear, grief, and uncertainty, which might feel harder to face than the unpleasant reality that is sustaining the problem.

Finding the core of a “repeating” problem on your soul ascension path

In a paradox, it can feel more satisfying to dissipate energy into the recycling of a problem rather than focusing energy into the spiritual healing or releasing of the beliefs, habits, or patterns that are recycling/sustaining the problem.  Why is that?  Because the “recycling problems” are often tied to a dream or desire that has not come to fruition.

It becomes a way to “keep the dream alive” by “keeping the problem(s) alive.”  Ironic, eh?  However, this is a very false promise as staying in the “failed reality state” (of the dream or fulfillment of the desire) keeps you from creating a new reality state in which it is possible for your desires to manifest (but, obviously, in a different form than you originally hoped).   After all, you can’t decide to move into a new house until you accept that you can’t repair the one that you are living in, no matter how hard you try or how much you want to do so.

This is why there is almost always so much (avoided) sadness, grief, and loss associated with “stopping” the re-cycling of problematic energies and realities.  Every time that a problem recycles, it accumulates more energy, making it harder to see or energetically “get to” the core of it.  You perceive the manifestations and maybe the pattern(s) that generate those events, but going to the core generally requires seeking out a hope, dream, experience, or desire that did not come to fruition (in this life, or another lifetime).  When you reach that point, you can truly “let go” and allow a new reality and life experience to manifest in THIS space-time.  Spiritual healing and soul ascension often unfold together with remarkable grace.

How to lovingly end “problem cycles”

I would like to offer my most heart-felt suggestion on how to truly move forward on the soul ascension path — to make the transition from the “recycling problem process” to the “true resolution process.” Rather than perceiving the release or disconnection from the problem as “giving up” on a person, place, or dream, you can instead view it as “giving up”, or letting go of, a “reality configuration” that did not work.  In a simple sense, it’s like recognizing that the furniture in a room is in an awful arrangement — you trip over things or can’t see out the windows very well.  It’s not the fault of the furniture or giving the arrangement a try.  Please don’t forget that you always are fully empowered to make the changes you need to support the next step for your spiritual awakening and soul ascension.

Letting go of a reality is not personal.  For you or to someone else.  The originally dreamed energies could not, or simply did not, come together to create the desired outcome.  Now, all you have are problem(s) flowing from those energies.  In another metaphor, it is like leaving a garden hose on without a container to fill with the water (energy).  You get a big muddy mess and a high water bill with little creative benefit.  Of course, there is clean-up, but the first step is to turn off the hose that is instigating the problem (mudhole).  Then redirect the energy flow to the garden of your higher intentions.

In these terms, you can compassionately and lovingly — versus angrily or resentfully — disconnect from the energies, connections, and frozen beliefs that are sustaining things that are not working (a.k.a. problems).  Other people involved may not be ready to release their reality state and move on, and it is part of everyone’s choice of when and how to move forward on their own soul ascension pathway.  Leadership into a new reality can be difficult, and often without a cheering crowd.  But you know what you need to do — and can do it.

It is my lifework to support elevating energy and awareness into new worlds — true spiritual healing and liberation.  Please connect if I can be of service to you in releasing patterns, losses, and energies that are keeping you from your highest potential and awakened future.  Click here to learn more.

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