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I would like to share with you an often overlooked aspect of supporting and sustaining your soul ascension path, or for that matter, any creation or life endeavor.  This aspect is often passed over for a good reason — there’s a benefit somewhere to keeping it hidden — even in plain view.  I’m not talking about some wild conspiracy theory, but the economics of energy acquisition in this planetary system.  Interested?  Then let me explain more …

Gull flying soul ascensionAn often overlooked aspect of soul ascension

When I speak of soul ascension, I am not alluding to a one-time event or the aspiration of suddenly floating off the planet to a hallowed new world.  These hopeful and fanciful spiritual fantasies are popular because they usually gloss over the time, attention, and commitment that it truly takes to move into a higher vibrational state of existence.  In my eyes, the heart of the soul ascension process is elevating your vibration so that you are able to enter new levels of awareness, and hence, a new reality of existence.  It’s not “out there” somewhere, but an inner process of clearing, expanding, and (re)connecting to your pure soul essence and Source.

That’s the short summary of soul ascension, and if you like to contemplate more about awakening, ascension, and enlightenment, then I encourage you to read this more in-depth article or watch this video.

If you commit yourself to moving into a higher vibrational state of being, then, upon reflection, you might recognize that you need (at least) two things: 1) a container able to hold the higher vibrational energy, and 2) energy of high quality coming into your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic form(s).  If you are scattering, leaking, or otherwise losing your high vibrational energy, then you are going to be stuck in cycles of build-up and dissipation, and ultimately not make a lot of progress.  It’s frustrating, depressing, and disappointing.

I’ve observed that most people tend to focus on seeking higher vibrational energy.  However, often, there’s not a lot of ongoing attention to maintaining this energy in your multi-dimensional energy system.  How conscious and persistent are you in sustaining the high vibration that you are working so hard to develop?  Does it rise and ebb?  Do you regularly feel setback?  Do you wonder why?

Reflection in pool soul ascensionSeemingly “good” energy drains

I suggest that there are two categories of energy drains: the apparently bad and the seemingly good.  Lots and lots has been written on the “bad” energy drains — unhealthy relationships, abusive psychology, exploitative social or economic practices, etc.  These are very significant and debilitating to many beings, and many resources exist to describe them.  In this article, I would like to highlight the OTHER category of energy drains, the one that is more easily overlooked: the seemingly “good” energy drains.

These apparently “good” energetic connections/drains are everywhere and often poorly seen.  One of the reasons that I believe that spiritual paths don’t emphasize the significance of energy leaks and extraction is because many seemingly “good” energetic connections are so firmly embedded in the cultural and social contexts in which we live.  To call them out would cause an uproar and destabilize society.

Unfortunately, even many spiritual practices are designed to develop and siphon off the high vibrational energy from followers and practitioners.  Sometimes these go to the benefit of an individual or an organization, which may have high esteem and long history.  Tradition, conditioned veneration, and the difficulty of pinpointing these drains create an insulation around the teaching, practice, or group.  Ironically, the highest levels of status or accomplishment in a religious/spiritual group or practice can have the highest level of entrapment.  In short, higher vibrational beings are a greater source of soul energy than lower vibrational beings and are more “valuable” to whomever is benefiting.

Conditioned energy drains are just as prevalent, if not more so, in the so-called secular world.  Once again, so firmly entrenched in social norms, psychology, identity, and unquestioned relationship dynamics, these continue unnoticed for generations and are so pervasive that they become hard to see.  Isn’t that an interesting thought?  An energy drain could be so widespread and common that no one notices it?   And when few notice it, it creates a seemingly insurmountable effort to identify and separate from the connection, since there is little support for disconnecting yourself.

Furthermore, sometimes an energy drain isn’t even personally attached — it becomes part of the fabric of a lineage that a soul is associated with, sometimes by birth, or by joining a group or organization (present or in another time-space).

If you think about it, the way to keep something in place is to make it appear necessary or valuable.  If people didn’t value an energetic connection, it would quickly wither and disappear.  Like a business that loses its customers.  Therefore, the energy drain is often attached to someone or something of apparent social, personal, or economic “value.”  In this way, it can be “hidden in plain sight” and people actively sign up to drain their soul energy.

Another way to maintain an energy drain is to connect it to an identity, such as the definition of being “good” at something: a good parent, a good spouse, a good citizen, a good employee, a good practitioner, etc.  That’s the irony and the hidden dynamic: the concept of being “good” is attached to the siphoning off of your soul energy and life force.  In this way, many people accept these energy drains without question — and even defend and value them.

Mosaic tiles soul ascensionSubtle and real energy drains

I’m being general in my above description of “energy drains” because the most significant energy extraction pathways are not easily described.  They are developed and inserted into the energy system, or a soul aspect, on the subatomic or molecular level.  What you see is not the “drain” itself, but a symptom of it.  Most people find it too hard to believe, or imagine, that reality arises from these deep and subtle facets of the Universe, and that the smallest scales of energetics give rise to the enormity of planets, galaxies, and Universes.  (If you are interested in learning more about this, you will find this article helpful.)

My intention here is to open awareness to this possibility, and initiate a new level of questioning into the energy dynamics of your life.  This is where inner Stillness and practice asking difficult questions comes into play.  You don’t need to “see” the subatomic structures in order to perceive that something isn’t right or that your energetic sovereignty is being compromised.  But if this possibility has never occurred to you, then you wouldn’t even necessarily recognize or consider how the “seemingly good” energy drains may be affecting your well being or sovereignty.

I have no desire to specifically name peoples, places, or things that offer or conceal energy drains in our midst.  It would be of very little benefit.  People are very attached to energetic connections, especially ones with historical or ideological value, and generally react unfavorably to awareness which threatens their comfort in that reality construct.   It is like any bad relationship that you don’t want to deal with — a dozen people can point it out, but, until you are ready and willing to see it for what it is, you won’t act decisively and will probably lash out at the messenger of the unpleasant news.

Point Reyes soul ascensionThe economics of energy acquisition

I’ll close this offering with a brief, big picture reflection on the economics of energy acquisition — that is, why most of these energy drains exist in the first place.  Energy, at the soul level or the physical level, originates from one of two places: 1) direct connection to the Source of All-that-Is, or 2) another being.  Lower vibrational beings generally are NOT focused on cultivating their direct sovereign soul connection.  They find it easier, or necessary because they don’t perceive an alterative, to obtain energy from others.  These flows of energy acquisitions are hierarchical, and many don’t even realize where their connections originate or ultimately lead.

It might be apparent, then, that a relatively lower vibrational and discordant world (i.e., the current state of this planetary system) would be filled with pathways of energetic extraction for the majority of beings (physical and non-physical) to sustain themselves.  These develop into co-dependencies of extraction, in addition to the more obvious parasitic relationships.  I could write volumes on the infinite variety of these connections and relationships, but the core is simple: if you are not obtaining your creative/life energy directly from Source, then you are obtaining it from another being.

I hope that this final note sends off a bright light or “bingo” in seeing the pervasiveness of energy drains.  And why so many energy drains are overlooked or hidden behind colorful (or dark) trappings.  With this opening in awareness you have tremendous empowerment for your wholeness and liberation, to exist outside of these systems and realize the birthright of your sovereign soul essence.  Recognition is the first step to clearing, disconnecting, or separating from these energy drains — for your benefit and the benefit of all beings.

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