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Understanding Session Fees

It is my desire to support all beings who seek the essence of their Soul, to remember and return to the peace, joy, and beauty of their true Being.  At no time is anyone “paying for” the transmission of Divine energy or soul healing in a session.  This is always freely offered without expectation.  The exchange of financial energy (suggested session fee) helps to sustain my physical needs as an embodied conduit of this Light.  It also supports a balance of giving and receiving — a mark of intention and commitment on the part of the recipient.

I used to leave the session contributions as open-ended, but it was just too confusing for people in our modern culture who are accustomed to a “fee.”  So I created a financial guideline to reflect the life force that I give to the work.

Sometimes people make an additional donation with the suggested session fee, either to reflect the uplift that they received, or to support my planetary energy work (which involves hundreds of hours that are not directly funded).  The planetary system requires many forms of ongoing spiritual and energetic support to evolve into the highest vibrational future for the benefit of all beings.

Ultimately what I most desire is that you share the elevation that you receive with others in the world around you.  May we all uplift each other to share our highest vibrational future and soul connections.

No Charge

You may request a blessing (transmission of supportive soul energies) from A’na Sa’tara for no charge.  Please email us your name (first name ok), current location (city/state/province/county), and your request in a sentence or two.  Please indicate “Blessing Request” in the subject line of the email.  Within the next week, she will send a blessing on your behalf.


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