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what is sacred geometry

“Clearing Light,” sunset on Ke’e beach, north shore of Kauai, Na Pali coast

Many people tend to think of energy as “electric flowing water” — a uniform stream of life force or Source.  And that this stream or flow primarily runs through various sort of pipes and ducts — call them meridians and chakras.  However, there is an entirely different perspective on the structure and movement of energy.  The physical metaphors (channels, rivers, and openings) make good sense and are useful in their context. Yet they barely touch the great complexity of information and awareness that is transmitted through higher vibrational energy forms.

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For higher energy frequencies — those at the soul-level rather connected to the physical body — it is much more useful to think of energy as organized in crystals, rather than water-like flows.  In this case, a snowflake is a good analogy — when viewed microscopically, a world of delicate, beautiful, and interacting patterns is revealed.  Imagine how much more information can be contained in the fractal-like complexity of a snowflake compared to a simple droplet of water.

Crystals are a good starting point to imagine what many people (yet) do not easily see — energy in higher light forms and dimensions.  But conceiving of higher dimensional energy as a crystal is limiting too; we are stuck with a physical metaphor and familiar ways that crystals are formed and organized.

To truly embrace the depth, complexity, and yet-to-be-imagined qualities and aspects of higher dimensional energy, I use the concept of sacred geometries.   Both words are key here.  Geometry points to the organization, interaction, and complexity of the energy form.  Sacred points to the essential Life-giving and awakening qualities of these energy forms.  In other words, we’re not just talking about energy for booting up your computer or making your fingers wiggle.

Energy & Awareness in (organized) motion

Most simply — a sacred geometry is a complex organization of energy and awareness.  For pathways of spiritual awakening and soul ascension, the most useful and compelling sacred geometries are transmitted from higher frequencies of energy and dimensions of existence.

Sacred geometries of energy can be drawn to some degree, like the symbol on the top banner of this web page.  But a caution here — a drawing of a sacred geometry is much more like a basic sketch than a detailed blueprint with which to build a house.  It’s really a translation issue.  Just like many words are difficult to fully translate across languages (sometimes it takes a paragraph to explain a word), it is not possible to fully represent a multi-dimensional, higher frequency of energy in simple lines and patterns available in the 3D plane of perception.

Therefore, when you see a representation of a sacred geometry, I encourage you to “look” deeper, with your third eye or inner vision.  The full “view” of the geometry is beyond 3D physical sight.  Many of these forms are in many aspects, in movement, and flooded with stunning colors and patterns.

Receiving from Sacred Geometry

Even more importantly, I encourage you to “look” beyond what you see, in any dimensional vision, and instead attune to the awareness and information in the sacred geometry.  This is the real gem of sacred geometry!  There are definitely vivid images to be seen, but the simple seeing is not what brings forth the power of the sacred geometry.  The true power of sacred geometry– to expand awareness, to awaken, to see more deeply into the nature of Reality — comes from your connection to the sacred geometry, not the visual impression or the idea of it.

It is much fun to look at sacred geometries, in all of their vibrance, diversity, and multi-dimensional aspects, especially if you have the inclination or gift of this type of sight.  But it doesn’t get you very far in terms of new awareness, information, or soul ascension.  Said another way, looking at a book does not bring you the wisdom from reading it.  You can look at the cover of every book in a library and not leave much better off.

Of course, seeing something makes it easier to connect with, but you can still connect with the energy/awareness of a sacred geometry without seeing in and through dimensions.  It is a voyage of the spiritual heart, not the eye, into the world of sacred geometries.

To learn more about receiving soul-level awareness, energy clearings, and healing from sacred geometry, please click here!

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