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healing sacred geometry

“Range of Light,” Summer Solstice 2012, Emeric Lake, Yosemite National Park, California, USA


How can the “unseen” change your life?

Sacred geometries are the foundations of transmitting higher frequencies of energy and awareness, from soul to soul, and across the Universe.  Though usually “unseen” from a 3D physical perspective, they are the creative and, quite literally, en-lightening structures of soul awakening, ascension, and healing.

And never under-estimate the power of what is unseen to change your life.

One of my most memorable experiences was walking along a path with a woman who approached me at a retreat center.  She asked my name and some usual pleasantry.  I responded, and suddenly, she burst into tears and said “I knew there was something you could tell me.”  On the physical plane, very little was said.  Later, she saw the sacred geometry symbol on the header of this webpage and instantly recognized it from a meditation she had after we spoke.  An experience such as this — sensations of energy, sudden memories, or powerful emotions — are common in the transmission of soul-level sacred geometries.  The knowing, or realization, goes far beyond ideas or concepts.

What is sacred geometry?

healing sacred geometry soulBackground on the power and meaning of sacred geometry is available here.  Very briefly, I describe sacred geometry as a complex, organized structure of energy and awareness.  High vibrational energy is much more than “electric flowing water.”  It is better imagined as a “electric flowing crystals.”  Sacred geometries can exist at many frequencies of energy and are very different in their qualities and purposes.

Images of sacred geometry that you often see, such as the “flower of life,” are usually representations of something much more vibrationally complex.  But we are limited by what can be drawn with lines and visualized on a flat or three dimensional view.  It is important to realize, though, that these drawings are more accurately seen as “symbols” or “pointers” towards a much more complex pattern or structure of energy.

Sacred geometry emanating from Source frequencies of energy, and higher dimensions of existence, are the most powerful for for soul ascension and spiritual awakening.  These are actually beyond any visual form or physical structure — they extend from infinite awareness itself.  This is the type of “soul sacred geometry” that I work with in soul healings and clearings.

How do sacred geometries assist the soul?

soul healing insight

The pathways and doorways that souls travel along, or pass through, on their journeys are marked by physical events in their lives.   But much more is happening “behind the scenes.”  Most, if not all, events of awakening, expanded awareness, Divine connection, or self-realization are connected to encountering an awakening or healing sacred geometry from a higher vibrational frequency.  These sacred geometries are the “unseen” energetic fabric of access to the higher planes of awareness.

Through these doorways of energy, we awaken to new ways of seeing ourselves, our world, and the nature of reality.  It is, as if suddenly, we have received a new pair of glasses — and life is in a new focus and perception.

While more complex in many ways, you can think of a sacred geometry as providing a key to a new “room of awareness.”  Every key is a different shape and the pattern is specific to a particular doorway.  Likewise, the sacred geometries of soul awakening are unique and reflect the next doorway of passage for a particular soul.  It usually doesn’t work to borrow someone else’s house key!  These soul-specific “keys” can also act as crystal DNA activations or soul DNA activations.

At different points along the soul journey, different awakening or healing sacred geometries can be encountered and received.  The path of soul awakening and ascension is one of continual elevation — new doorways and new gateways to new worlds of energy and awareness.  Access to your next step can be assisted through connections to the sacred geometries unique to that point in the soul journey.  New and different sacred geometry are available at different stages or places on your path as your energetic vibration elevates.

How does one receive sacred geometries? 

Mostly simply, for purpose of awakening or healing, sacred geometries are energetically transmitted from soul to soul, or sometimes, from particular sacred energy sites where they have been “programmed” for release at the right time.  In their pure and whole form, sacred geometries exist on an elevated energetic planes, beyond 3D physical forms.  You can’t just hand them to someone!

(It is also possible for a physical object to be energetically encoded or embedded with sacred geometries so that it emanates the frequency of the geometry.  I create the energy-images of my photography with this intention.  Other sacred “objects” can also have this intention and capacity if it was part of the intention of the creator).

For soul ascension or awakening to higher realms of awareness, the source of geometry must be capable of receiving and transmitting energy at the elevated frequency.  After all, a boat cannot float higher than the water on which it rests.

Additionally, the energetic conduit or vessel must be clear enough to transmit the sacred geometry without alteration or distortion in order for the integrity of geometry — and the encoded information — to be fully intact and relayed to the recipient.  The purest water flowing into mud will become muddy.  The purest water flowing through a glass pipe will be as clear as its origin.

Where does one receive awakening or healing sacred geometries?

Sacred geometries are generally transmitted and received through high vibrational sources of Divine Light — emanations from particular sites on Earth, specially encoded crystals, or incarnate beings who have the energetic “structure” and “connections” to transmit energy in and through high frequencies.   Sending high voltage energy through a stereo wire is not likely to have a very productive outcome — for the wire or the receiver.

Sacred geometries can be transferred at any time or place — even without realizing it at the time.  At a later point, of reflection, stillness, or opening in awareness, the recipient may receive the awareness or information in the sacred geometry.  Individuals are receptive in different ways and at different times.  I remember visiting a location in western Australia and feeling beautiful, uplifting energy at particular rock formation  Months later, I realized that day was a turning point in the path of my life — everything changed from that day onwards, but I did not see the unfolding and impacts at the time.

Transmissions of awakening and healing sacred geometry are the core of my offering for those on their soul journey, as individuals and in support of elevating planetary consciousness.  I invite you into a new future.  It is my greatest love and joy to empower your soul ascension and spiritual awakening.  To learn more about individual healing sessions for soul sacred geometry, please click here.  For information on my work at sacred energy sites, please click here.

Many blessings on your journey!

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