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"Space within Space" canyons at the confluence of the Green & Colorado Rivers Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA, October 2012

“Space within Space”
canyons at the confluence of the Green & Colorado Rivers
Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA, October 2012

When I have the opportunity to explain, I prefer to call my photographs “energy-images.”  There’s a good reason!  While I create images of “physical” subjects, and use a camera to do so, I focus on a different aspect of the “light” in image-making — the radiant light of soul and Spirit.

I explain more about radiant and reflective light in another article.  We’ll start with this expanded “energy” perspective on light in photography.  We live in a Universe of energy and awareness.  When we “see” light, we are seeing energy in a very small set of the frequencies of energy that exist.  We call what we see “visible” light (or energy).  Beyond the conventionally “visible” is a vast range of frequencies of energy (light).   Some people can “visualize” these higher frequency energies (such as in auras), while others just perceive sensations or feelings.

The power of sacred geometry

While the “unseen” light can take many forms, I am particularly interested in those from higher planes of energy and awareness.  I refer to these organizations of energy and awareness as “sacred geometries.”  These sacred geometries have great power to assist in the soul journey, for healing and awakening.

I stumbled into the expressive power of sacred geometry in my photography quite by surprise.  I have used sacred geometries in energy work, teaching, and healing for many years.  As my own energy field has elevated and activated, the flow and movement of sacred geometries has become like breathing — essential and infusing all that I do.  (My husband can even taste the different energies in food that I cook).

In hindsight, it was natural, then, that awakening and healing sacred geometries began to flow into and through my photography.  One day, I was struck by the response of people to viewing different images.  The images were of high quality, visually speaking, but this didn’t fully explain the strength of the response and emotion from the images that people shared.  I considered the particular images — how and when they were created — and I suddenly realized that the sacred geometries that I was perceiving and working with while making the photographs were being “conveyed” through the image.

Yes, they saw the image of the physical subject, but they were ALSO receiving the emanations of the higher frequency energy (or light) that I was experiencing as I made the photograph!

The energetic ‘impression’ of consciousness

In other words, the sacred geometries in my energy and awareness as I created an image became essentially part of the image.  Our energy field and awareness were One.  The photograph “recorded” not only the reflected light of the subject (e.g., colors and shapes of the flower), but also my energy field and connection to higher realms of consciousness.

At that moment, I realized that my photographs — actually multi-dimensional energy-images — could be easily accessible vehicles of awakening and healing.  They could “carry” the energy of sacred geometries to many, many people — any one that viewed them — even if I was not physically present.  My deep connection across the energetic realms creates a bridge to these higher frequency energies (sacred geometries) that then flows into the photograph-making and creation.

Now deeply connected with sacred geometry, photography has become a seamless part of my healing, teaching, and energy work.  It is a way of engaging beautiful physical light (the image of a subject) as a “channel” to transmit sacred Light — awareness of Spirit and connection to awakening and healing awareness.  To learn more about receiving sacred geometry for soul awakening, healing, and ascension, please click here!  To experience my galleries of energy-images, click here to visit Sacred Light Photography.

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