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SacredGeometry_03Are you aware of the power of sacred geometry for soul healing & awakening?

Is it time to take the next step on your soul path?

Are you a healer or lightworker seeking to expand your gifts?

healing sacred geometry

Energized and empowered sacred geometry is like a powerful key for the expression of your Soul.  It’s up to you to turn that key and open a new doorway of energy and awareness.  But, until you have the key in hand, you can feel “stuck” in taking that next step in your spiritual healing, heart-centered creativity, life changes, or soul awakening.

The awakening and healing sacred geometry that I offer extends far beyond “energy healing” for the physical, mental, or emotional bodies.  This awakening information and awareness is “soul-level” and reaches to the core of your spiritual essence.

Sacred geometry keys and soul DNA activations are specific to where you are in your soul journey right NOW.  They are waiting for you to request them … for …

  • Aligning clearly with your destiny path and purpose
  • Opening into a new plane of awareness and high vibrational energy
  • Releasing and clearing old energies, karmic patterns, and “soul blocks”

I invite you into a new future.  It is my greatest joy to support your journey.

“To truly embrace the depth, complexity, and yet-to-be-imagined qualities and aspects of higher vibrational energy and awareness, I use the concept of ‘sacred geometry.’ Both words are key here. Geometry points to the organization, interaction, and complexity of the energy form. Sacred points to the essential Life-giving and awakening qualities of these energy forms.”




The power of sacred geometry for spiritual healing & soul awakening

Recreation thumbnail 150pxSacred geometries are the foundations of transmitting higher frequencies of energy and awareness, from soul to soul, and across the Universe. Though usually “unseen,” soul-level sacred geometry is the creative and, quite literally, en-lightening structure of awakening, ascension, and spiritual healing. And never under-estimate the power of what is unseen  … read more


Awaken at the source: transform your vibratory patterns

LOA video thumbnail 150pxI propose to you that you can “change your life” — that is, shift your perceptions, experiences, and creations — in a much more direct and powerful way than “piece by piece.” Instead of focusing on an issue (such as changing jobs, a relationship, or an illness) as “what to heal” or “what to manifest,” I ask you to see these as a “reflection.” A reflection of what? … read more


Soul DNA activations: change your life from the core

thumbnail soul dna activationThe deepest aspect of your individual energy field arises from your soul DNA.  It is a pattern of sacred geometry on a beautiful and grand scale. The awareness, gifts, and skills from so many lives, practices, masteries, and teachings are reflected in soul DNA.  Your soul DNA contains the “key” and doorway to living in higher vibrational energy and awareness … read more


At the heart of my photography: sacred geometry for your soul

Leaf thumbnailWhat is unique about my photography? There’s a simple and powerful answer: each image is infused with sacred geometry for your soul.  I call my photographs “energy-images” for a good reason.  The images are not only a visual expression, but an imprint of healing sacred geometry and awakening consciousness … read more

healing sacred geometry

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