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Upper Isberg Lake Sierra Nevada Anandasatara

“Window into the Earth”
Upper Isberg Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sierra Nevada


A guide book to Sierra Nevada sacred geometry

When I began backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California over a dozen years ago, I relied on route finding by using a series of classic trail books for the different sections of the Sierra Nevada.  These guides gave a pointer to trail conditions, campsites, and distances for each day.  After moving to California from England, this was a much welcome starting point.

Over the many miles and dozens of trips since then, I’ve reflected that I could now probably write a different kind of guidebook.  Which ridge has an active wormhole.  Which lake has a “geyser” of high vibrational energy at the northern end, which will keep you up for the entire night if you put your tent next to it (yes, I found that out by experience).  I believe that I also have identified the crystal Earth energy node with the world’s highest concentration of mosquitoes.  (At least at summer Solstice.  At over 10,000 feet (3,000m), it is deep under snow much of the year.)

Emeric Lake Yosemite Anandasatara

“Range of Light: Summer Solstice 2012”
Emeric Lake, Yosemite National Park

A unique “range of Light”

The Sierra Nevada were named the “range of light” by wilderness explorer and adventurer, John Muir.  From the perspective of my journeys, I would call them the “range of multi-dimensional Light” for the clear and powerful multi-dimensional energy and sacred geometry that flow through many of the granite and quartz crystal formations.  By this I mean energetics of a planetary scale with intersections of energy ley lines, cosmic portals, and crystalline energy nodes.

Several aspects contribute to sustaining the unique higher vibrational energy flows of the Sierra Nevada.  First, the physical rock formations are heavily inlaid with quartz crystal.  These crystals act as resonator and anchor for higher frequency energies.

Second, some powerful ley lines transact the Sierra Nevada, particularly through Yosemite National Park.  The designation of the park area has helped keep these energy ley lines relatively undamaged or disturbed — safe from mining or large scale landscape alteration.  This is actually a fascinating reflection and co-creation — the stunning scenery of Yosemite is a third dimensional physical manifestation of these high vibrational energies, though most people are only aware of the “granite layer” of this place.  Without realizing it, the founders implicitly valued these energy ley lines and protected them.

Third, the area has a long legacy of use by visitors from higher vibrational dimensions and other star systems. There is a quite a history contained within the sacred energy sites of thee Sierra Nevada  — of both the creation and destruction of civilizations from long, long ago.

Wandering Wormholes

"Flying" view of Half Dome from El Capitan, Yosemite National Park

view of Half Dome from El Capitan, Yosemite National Park

Geologically, as well as vibrationally, there have been many shifts in the Sierra, on the relatively local scale, and the larger scale.  One of the most interesting that I have observed is the movement of a so-called “wormhole,” which used to be located near Isberg Pass in the Ansel Adams Wilderness.

We visited the wormhole several times for different ascension activations and explorations over the past decade.  This “wormhole” is more precisely an inter-dimensional connection point or portal, though which it is easier to travel, in awareness and light body, to other parts of the Earth planetary system and beyond.  You can think of it as an “elevator” of sorts — enter and you can “walk out” onto a different “floor” or dimensional reality.  Makes it quicker and easier than climbing several long flights of stairs.

However, there are major shifts underway throughout the planetary grid.  The ley lines, sacred geometry, and energy nodes of the Sierra Nevada are no exception.  Last year, this particular wormhole “closed” and moved elsewhere.  Even more fascinating, photographs that I once used to “check in” on this spot have energetically changed — the vibrational signature of the wormhole has disappeared and the image is, well, mostly now a just beautiful lake.

Changing Energetic Geography

Last backpacking season, I made an inner vision directed circuit to a series of locations.  They were not very “logical” for a trip.  I’d visited them most of them before, and some of them are a bit well traveled in the Yosemite high country (I usually seek out remote places or off-season).  But I follow the energy where it leads me …

One morning, I awoke to a new awareness of the region and connections where I had traveled over the previous months.  Sitting on the ridge over Young Lake in Yosemite National Park, I was pondering why there was a distinct and strong crystalline structure emanating through Ragged Peak, and about a mile away, the energetics of the surrounding rocks was very different.  All granite and not “visually” distinct to normal physical awareness.  And not connected (via energetic ley lines) to other nearby sites that I visited in the Vogelsang area of Yosemite earlier that spring.

Then it came to me!  Changing energetic geography!  While seemingly “scattered” over the mountains, there are a series of crystalline deposits in the region, that, in another earlier time, were continuous.  I opened to a view of this familiar landscape through multi-dimensional time.  Here and there, remain remnant crystals from this earlier “seeding” of the higher vibrational, energetic landscape.  My third dimensional physical travels had been from one to another, following the connections perceived in my higher awareness.

"Miraculous Future" Fletcher Peak, view from Vogelsang Lake, Yosemite National Park

“Miraculous Future”
Fletcher Peak, view from Vogelsang Lake, Yosemite National Park

Multi-dimensional Geology

Traveling the Sierra Nevada has taught me much about looking beyond the third dimensional physicality of a place to understand its deeper history and creative capacity.  In so-called present time, there are powerful crystalline nodes “scattered” through the mountains that were once part of a cohesive energetic matrix that has been dispersed by ancient (relatively speaking) civilizations and cataclysms of the distant past.  Now, there are remarkable crystals in the midst of the density of third dimensional granite.  In some places, such as the Cathedral Lakes area of Yosemite National Park, there are nearly side-by-side windows of vastly different vibrational quality, each hearkening back to a different dimensional time and planetary energy flow.

As I have also discovered in the sacred energy sites of the Andes, the seeming “mysteries” of place can be seen more fully and clearly through the multi-dimensional window of energy and time.  I wonder what the next backpack into the Sierra Nevada will reveal …

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