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Yosemite ley line sacred site

“Crystal Clarity at El Capitan,” Yosemite National Park, California, USA, October 2015

The view from 21+ years of continuous planetary service

I receive many requests worldwide for advice and guidance on projects to support planetary healing and uplift at sacred sites and ley lines.  Each situation is unique and requires attention to the specifics of the place and timing.  However, based upon my two decades of experience in planetary work at sacred sites and with ley lines, I can offer some clear pointers to creating safer, more powerful, and more effective outcomes to benefit all beings.

Key Background

The core of powerful planetary work is recognizing the multi-dimensional nature of energy and consciousness.  These articles are key background to the suggestions that I present below:

Article: What is a ley line?

Article: Loading the future reality dice in your favor

Article: Earth changes & your future: how to live powerfully with planetary shifts

Many, many more supportive articles and videos can be found on “Wisdom for a New World,” my website section devoted to awareness and information to support the soul-level and planetary pathways into expanded and uplifted futures.

Na Pali coast ley lineClear Work flows from Clear Intentions

All elevating work is centered around your intentions — the energy flows of creation are evoked and organized by your desires and thought forms.  It is how realities are created.  Having these intentions as clear as possible will guide you to specific times, places, and preparations for the highest results.

I suggest devoting considerable attention here — this is the process of pre-creating the elevating reality that you wish to support.  I generally spend months (or years) preparing for “five minutes” of precisely timed clearing.  (The true elevation occurs outside of space-time, so this is a metaphor of focusing and aligning energy.)

The Power of Soul-level Sovereignty

I would also like to make an important note about how I approach my offerings of healing, clearing, and uplift.  It is up to each individual to create their pathway and connections, but this is a very significant distinction, and fundamental to sustaining the clarity of my intentions for benefit for all beings.  I do not invoke anyone or anything in my work; many beings identify themselves as god(s), angels, masters, and christs  — at any particular time, you do not truly know who is actually responding and why.

Instead, I offer my intention for clearing and uplift directly from my own sovereign soul essence.   From my awareness, requesting energy, participation, or specific outcomes from other beings is a contradiction to standing in my own inherently sovereign and clear awareness, power, and choice of futures.

Seven Specific Recommendations

  1. Be precise in the focus of your energy and attention for this month.  “All” blockages in a location might not be ready to release and elevate without creating undesirably rapid energetic transitions and disturbances (local and worldwide).  Ley line or sacred site clearing work is rarely a single effort/event.  It is an ongoing process to allow stabilization of higher vibrational states and displaced lower vibrational energies to leave the energy system.  The most powerful results will come from identifying what is aligned for elevation and activation NOW.
  1. Consider your capacity (and/or the capacity of your group) to handle the clearings and contain the transmuting energies.  This follows from the guidance in #1.  Planetary work requires the clarity, wholeness, and focus of the beings who are performing the clearings to be up to the level of work desired.  Otherwise, more disturbance and disruption will simply be added into the planetary system.  (Three years ago, I stopped organizing ley line work with public groups for this reason; participants were triggered by the intensity of energies and drained the process rather than having the internal energetic capacity to truly contribute benefit on the planetary scale.)
  1. Formally and directly recognize your sovereignty and the sovereignty of all beings connected to the ley line or sacred site.  It is free will for all to choose to elevate or not.  This is where the intention for the greatest benefit for all beings is a core focal point.  This helps to protect you as well as opens the greatest possible path of ascension energies.
  1. Plan for how you will protect your work from interference and/or energetic intrusions (before, during, after).  Ley lines and sacred sites are highly contested and the current energetic situation is inevitably serving the interests of some beings who do not wish for it to change/elevate.
  1. Consider the optimally aligned time for the work.  There is generally a period of preparation, and then a specific time/place for highest impact.  Particularly, I avoid working on the full moon — there is considerable lower vibrational interference from lunar energies (lunar energies are generally not associated with planetary ascension pathways).   Again, this requires clear inner vision and preparation for the highest outcome.  Ley line work rarely conveniently falls on weekends and holidays!
  1. Carefully consider your “inputs” and “outputs.”  How will you contain and elevate the lower vibrational energy patterns, e.g. blocks, that you want to release?  How will you focus yourself to connect with ONLY the highest vibrational energies to benefit the planet and all beings?  These answers come from your inner knowing, experience in planetary work, and recognition of your capacity and current energetic state.  It is far better to do smaller scale work very well than to create large-scale, incomplete transmissions and disruptions.
  1. Inner clarity, focus, intention, preparation.

Grand Teton ley lineTransforming Planetary Realities

I offer this article on “emerging from reality containers” as key to understanding the process of elevating energy and awareness on the larger scale.  Many times people focus on ceremonies, invocations, and various rituals to “enhance” the power or impact of their planetary work.

In actuality, “less” is much more effective.   Heart-centered stillness (individually or as a group) is a transformative power, and doorway to awakening, that transcends all techniques, rituals, or recitations.  Offering this pure field of Stillness, to the planetary system and humanity, is a great gift and opening of vast new possibility.

May the awareness and guidance in this article support your most beneficial and uplifting creations.  Thank you for your desire for service and support of planetary renewal and awakening.  You can learn more about my planetary service here.

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