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Deciding to have a life of happiness is a popular aspiration.  Sometimes the term “joy” is substituted for “happiness,” since happiness seems rather shallow by some cultural standards.  The word isn’t important.  Where it comes from is what counts.  What is happiness/joy?  Where does it originate from?

Instead of fixing your attention on “happiness”, I would suggest that you pursue 1) inner wholeness, 2) authenticity, and 3) a heart-centered connection with living and life.  Those three are the bedrock of what eventually is experienced as fulfillment and joy.

Directing oneself towards happiness is more likely to lead you into temporary physical pleasure, amusement, and entertainment.  There’s nothing wrong with those inherently, but they don’t last very long because they are at the surface of life.  Much deeper is the inner process that brings you back to a soul-level wholeness and life that flows from the expression of your spiritual heart.  A lot of that process isn’t likely to be so pleasant — digging deeply through the layers that accumulate on authenticity requires encountering suppressed emotion, disappointments, unhealthy conditioning, and (self) destructive patterns.  But what you discover at the core is eternal and sustaining.

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