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There are two aspects of “moving past the past.”  People often get confused or distracted, and think that they are accomplishing something.  When they aren’t.

The ultimate test of “getting out of the past” is actually consistently acting differently NOW and into the future.  I’m sorry that there’s no way around that.

Contemplating, researching, or analyzing what has happened is only valuable to the extent that it facilitates a change in awareness (part 1). That change in awareness is really only valuable to the extent that it facilitates an authentic change in action (part 2).  An idea, affirmation, or intention is NOT an action.  You can have plenty of life choices and activities that are not consistent with your stated intentions.

People are deceived, or deceive themselves, into believing that they are taking constructive steps when they are only talking or thinking about taking constructive steps and changes.   You can always tell if you are doing something constructive if inner patterns are being eliminated.  It is much easier to change circumstances so your life looks temporarily different, but a much different outcome when underlying patterns of creation are released.  I call this process “getting out of your reality containers.”


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