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Soul awakening reflection


A tale of two cactus…it is important to have a vibrational match between beings and where they live.

Last year, my husband bought two unusual cactus for the apartment he shares with his kids on weekends. One cactus had problems and moved back to our house in two months. Then it took another three months to rehabilitate. Paul just had to move to another apartment, and I asked him to consider NOW whether the other cactus would do well there. I didn’t want to have to care for the cactus AFTER it had problems. Suffice to say, the big cactus in the photo came home the day before the moving truck showed up. Unlike the first cactus, this one skipped having to get “sick” or have some accident before recognizing it wasn’t going to be a match for the new location.

There’s a lot in this little story. You can understand many problems — and how to avoid them — by carefully considering the vibrational match of participants in a situation. And it is always a better result to reflect in ADVANCE.

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