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Session Contributions

Please click here to learn more about session fees.

PayPal convenience fee is automatically added to the suggested session fee below.  Your bank statement will show “A’na Sa’tara” or “BMV, LLC” for the charge.  (BMV is an abbreviation for Blue Moon Ventures.  My husband proposed to me on the day of a blue moon, and we created the name to reflect our spiritual partnership in planetary service.).

80 minute session – $218

1 hour session – $171

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Donations for Planetary Service

These contributions support A’na Sa’tara’s extensive service work to align new cosmic frequencies, clear disruptions, stabilize the planetary energy system, and assist souls across the world.  This includes hundreds of hours of daily monitoring, major projects on ley lines, and responding to global situations.  It is purely for the benefit of humanity and all beings.  Click here to learn more!

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