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"Undivided Fractal" meditation pool, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, USA

“Undivided Fractal”
meditation pool, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, USA

While reading this article, I invite you to release, at least for a few minutes, your expectations about the nature of reality.  Of the so-called “physical” world, and what the Universe “looks like” and is “made of.”  I invite you to consider a far greater possibility for your reality, your life, and our planet.  You probably won’t find this reality described on a billboard, validated in the newspaper, or anything like you remember from the textbooks of high school physics.

The reality shift that I am offering you is what I call the “breakthrough to galactic consciousness.”  It is truly a “breakthrough” of that scale — from seeing life and reality in a very small way to seeing reality from a vast, and previously unimaginable, scale of energy, awareness, and creative Consciousness.

Are you ready to open your awareness to life as a multi-dimensional being in a multi-dimensional Universe?  If so, please proceed …

What do I mean by a “dimension” of energy or reality?

Let’s begin with getting some terms and language on the table.  The word “dimension” is used in many ways, in many different contexts.  In my writings and teachings on energy, awareness, and consciousness, I am using it in a specific way.

multi dimensional reality Gateway archIn the simplest sense, a dimension is a band of energy frequencies that create a “world.” In this way, dimensions and energy are almost interchangeable. Different frequencies of energy create different perceptions and understandings of life, being, and reality. Therefore, energy and awareness are also inseparable — a higher plane of awareness, perception, or understanding occurs through connection to higher frequencies of energy. Quite straightforward!

A dimension of reality, then, is an experience, or one might say a world, that is structured by energy and awareness. Elevated energy creates elevated awareness. Elevated awareness then creates elevated worlds of experience. (It is the same between dimensions as well as within dimensions.)

For instance, within ordinary human experience, a different “world” or life is experienced by someone who is usually angry or resentful (lower vibrational emotion) compared to someone who feels gratitude and acceptance (higher vibrational emotion).  In day to day life, you regularly experience the sensations and effects of different energies — you might call them emotions — and how your view of yourself, your life, and reality change dramatically when you “shift emotional gears.”  You are simply shifting your dominant vibration.

Now, take that experience and scale it up.   Really scale it up.  Imagine shifting the dominant vibration of a continent, or even a planet.  That’s the scale of an energetic dimension.  An entire “world” — what is believed, what appears physical, what is possible to imagine — is “governed” or “organized” by a dominant set of frequencies of energy.  When you change the dominant frequencies of energy, then a very different world (or reality) is created.  At the end of this article, I discuss the dimensions on Earth and how they are evolving.

(For the technically inquisitive, to clarify, my use of “dimension” is not analogous to the idea of a multi co-ordinate axis (e.g., x, y, z) in mathematics. The multi-dimensionality of the Universe can be represented in complex equations of relationship. However, the mathematics of multi-dimensional consciousness and energy is not in the purview of current Earth scientific and mathematical frameworks.)

multi dimensional universe galaxyHow many dimensions are there?

There are infinite dimensions in the Universe, just as there are infinite frequencies of energy. New dimensions are created regularly and are part of the evolutionary process of planets and galaxies. In fact, most planets are multi-dimensional, that is, more than one dimensional reality exists within a planetary system.

This is a little hard to imagine, so here’s a metaphor.  You can think of dimensions of a planet, or the Universe, as layers stacked in a cake. From deep within the sponge cake layer, you would have no idea that there was chocolate frosting above or below you. You probably couldn’t even imagine what chocolate frosting was like, given it is so different from the “world” of sponge cake. It would be hard to even describe frosting in a sponge cake world.

This is why it is often difficult to explain, retain, or describe experiences from other dimensions, except in general or symbolic terms. There is much cultural imagery in multi-dimensional experiences, such as shamanic journeying, that attempt to create a feeling or meaning for the experience of other dimensions.  But it is still challenging to translate chocolate frosting into sponge cake.

How do you travel between dimensions?

multi dimensional universe PeruThe metaphor above of the chocolate layer cake is limited and a bit misleading. In “space,” dimensions are not stacked up or organized in a neat linear row. In actuality, all dimensions (frequency bands) exist all of the time in all places. You do not have to “go” somewhere, in the physical sense, to access them. Where you “go”, or “move,” is in your energetic frequency of perception. Ultimately, all is One and all is accessible within the Oneness.

Certain dimensions are “closer” vibrationally to each other, and therefore, is is easy to access them.  But the “distance” is energetic, not in physical space, so to speak.

Experiences of energy are different at different places on Earth, however.  It is easier to elevate your energy field at certain places and in certain circumstances. Therefore, moving between dimensions tends to be associated with some places and activities, such as sacred sites. Relaxation and open attention are more conducive to expanded awareness than narrow focus and agitation.  It should be no surprise that it is easier to be in higher plane of awareness, for most people, when meditating rather navigating city traffic.

Likewise, certain places on Earth emanate higher frequencies of energy and so it is easier for your own energy system to elevate in these places. As I said at the beginning, elevated energy brings froth elevated awareness, and vice versa.  There’s a sponge effect (both upwards and downwards) when you encounter different vibrations (from people and places).  But, ultimately, it is not the “physical” place that is powerful and impactful — rather it is your intention and receptivity to the energies available in those places.

(I also note that I am speaking of traveling in your awareness, not trans-locating your physical body to another dimension. Your physical body is of a set of energy frequencies and structures associated with the third dimensional Earth — it would be dangerous to impossible to attempt to move your physical body to another dimension.)

Is there a new dimension forming on Earth?

The dimension, or apparent reality, in which you are reading this article is generally referred to as the “third dimension” or 3D.  There are lower dimensional worlds (lower vibration), but also, many, many higher dimensional (higher vibration) worlds.  When we experience something as “physical,” it is “physical” within a band of frequencies, or within a dimension.

multi dimensional universe Sequoia treesSo it is possible have a 3D “physical” and 5D “physical” world that do not, practically speaking, overlap.  From WITHIN those dimensions, there would be a “physical” experience (such as having a body), but it would be a different physical experience (body) because one physicality would be at one vibration and the other at another.

Again, refer to the cake layers above — a body governed by the world of chocolate frosting would be very different than one governed by the world of sponge cake.   Even here, in the 3D physicality, you can see how different of a physical existence it is between land and ocean.  If you had never been SCUBA diving, or watched a movie about it, it would be very hard to imagine underwater life while sitting in a desert or meadow.

A significant aspect of the current evolution of Earth, as an energetic being, IS connected to the development of a new plane of existence. Some call it a new fifth dimension (5D) or even a new planet. There are already many other dimensions of existence, including fifth dimensional worlds, in association with Earth, and there have been for quite some time. “Earth” in her totality is and has been a multi-dimensional being and multi-dimensional planetary system.

The New World, as I tend to call it, is of higher frequency than the 3D physical Earth, but calling it 5D is a bit too simple from my perspective. The new dimension is much more like a new planet, in its scope, and there is the opportunity for 3D beings to elevate their energetic frequencies and move to inhabit it.  This process is often referred to as “soul ascension,” but that term can be misleading.  The transition or ascension occurs in your energy and awareness first, not directly through your 3D physical body.  To learn more about the soul ascension process, and how it is connected to “enlightenment” and “soul awakening,” please click here.

Conclusions and new opportunities …

This article is but a drop in the multi-dimensional bucket, so to speak.  My goal has been to introduce you to a new way of thinking and of perceiving the possibilities on Earth and in your life.  You are not constrained by a physical world, but, rather, at a gateway of possibility that opens through elevating your energetic vibration and awakening your awareness.  My hope is to have sparked questions, reflection, and an openness to explore a greater creative Consciousness than you previously imagined.  And, maybe, a resonance of deep knowing, that you cannot easily explain, within yourself.

Many blessings, and may your journey be joyful and amazing.

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