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Lake Titicaca Sunset

“Standing with Pachamama,” Lake Titicaca, Peru, May 2012

My husband is quite bemused that I am rather indifferent to what the weather will be like for our “viewing” of the total solar eclipse this coming Monday.  Well, yes, it would be nice to see the eclipse totality, since we are driving about 30 hours round-trip to a particular ley line.  But that’s not why I am interested in the solar eclipse, and certainly not why I picked our destination for the connection.

From my perspective, the “real” solar eclipse of interest is a cosmic alignment and connection to the planetary system — a non-physical event that is NOT dependent upon what you visualize with your eyes.  It’s happening whether you see it or not.  And it’s happening whether or not you consciously contemplate how (or whether) you will connect with the high vibrational activation opportunity.

If I could summarize in a sentence “what” the so-called “great American eclipse” truly offers, I would say that it is an invitation to connect with and open your awareness to a reality shift.  That’s purposefully open-ended: what kind of reality shift you will experience will depend upon your own receptivity (vibrational state and preparation) and your intention.

In other words, one doorway (the solar eclipse) can open into a number of different rooms.  I highly recommend choosing the highest vibrational “room” (that is, future reality) through a conscious decision to participate in those energies, alignments, and connections that will be of benefit to yourself and all beings.  And don’t worry so much about the other rooms that you won’t be visiting; in a Universe of infinite potential, all realities are available for those who wish to participate in and co-create them.  As I’ve emphasized before, it is best to maintain the coherence and focus of your energy flow into what you wish to bring forth (and avoid the energetic drama engine), rather than scatter and dissipate your attention in many directions.

The most potent reality shifts are NOT essentially major emotional or physical events.  However, often, those are the only contexts in which people pay enough attention to notice and activate a transformation in their awareness.

Reality shifts are ultimately an INNER experience, not an external event.  Please don’t be distracted by a worldly event and miss the true opportunity for vibrational expansion and elevation.  Ironically, you could “watch” the entire eclipse and entirely miss the deeper significance at the same time.

You enter a new future by releasing reality containers that were previously your fixed point of reference.  In the process, you can see your new/old world from BOTH the inside and the outside simultaneously. That’s the kind of high vibrational solar eclipse experience that I’m pointing you towards!  Really — it’s not about the physical sun and moon — the true fabric of reality arises from a vastly different field of potentiality and creation.  I suggest that your meditation or reflection before, during, or after the solar eclipse will be far more consequential than what you see (or don’t) in the sky.

I would also like to note that perceiving the upcoming solar eclipse as an “American” event is rather misleading.  Please don’t miss out elsewhere in the world!  I chose the photo that I created above, of Lake Titicaca in Peru, because that’s where I was for the US annular solar eclipse in May 2012.  In another hemisphere relative to the “visual” experience.  However, it was the most powerful energetic place to be at the time for my planetary service work.  Remember — ley lines and activation sites are non-linear and non-local.

May your experience and connection to the solar eclipse be uplifting, expansive, and clear.

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