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The perception of time is a characteristic of a dimensional reality.  A dimensional reality is characterized by its dominant frequencies of energy.  Linear time is really the perception of a frequency of energy.  In other dimensions, time is not perceived in the linear manner of past, present, and future.  In higher dimensions, there is All Time in One.  It’s really not useful to describe — it is an experience that you will KNOW.

As you perceive through different frequencies of energy, either during or after a session, then the perception of time might change.  It tends to “feel” different in relation to other people or things moving around you.   You can think of color as an analogy.  If you put on glasses with blue lens, then suddenly all of the colors will appear differently and in different contrast to each other.  The world hasn’t changed, but your perception of it has.  Change the color (frequency) again and it will again be perceived differently.  There are infinite glasses to look through and they are all looking simultaneously.

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