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“Enlightenment” means many different things to many different people.  I have seen some describe it as a process, a state of being, a type of realization, and something to be acquired from somewhere/someone.  I have written an article on enlightenment, the ascension process, and spiritual awakening to clarify my approach.  A short perspective is below.

Awareness exists in relation to frequencies of energy.  They are inseparable.  Depending upon how you define enlightenment, it can be described as “perceiving” or “being” from a particular frequency or plane of energy.  If the frequency is maintained, then the state of awareness is maintained.   If the vibration decreases, the awareness appears “lost.”  People tend to go up and down in their dominant vibrations, and thus, awareness.

The process of elevating your energy into the higher dimensions is the continual process of increasing and sustaining higher and higher frequencies of energy in your system.  It is a process and practice for most people, just like training for a marathon.  When you start, it takes effort to run five miles.  Then five miles is easy and 10 miles is the challenge point.  And so on.  Every time you raise to a higher frequency, the path is extended and deepened a bit more.  It’s like the prow of a boat breaking through a wave — now the rest of vessel can follow.  There is no end to en-lighten-ing,  that is, evolving your frequency and awareness.  It is a wondrous eternal project for any being that chooses to embrace it.

All aspects of what I offer — healing sacred geometry, clearings, and spiritual insight — are dedicated to elevating your field of awareness and ability to receive and embody higher frequencies of energy.  My direct intention is to empower your soul ascension and awakening.

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