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Most of the photos were taken with a Nikon D7000 or a D600, with 24mm-120mm equivalent lens, 105mm macro, or 70-300mm telephoto.   The majority is manually stabilized; a few landscapes use a tripod and off-camera release.

I strive for technical simplicity and minimal post-exposure editing.  Ultimately, I do not consider myself a “photographer” or “artist.” Rather my photography is an extension of my spiritual vision and bringing forth higher frequencies of energy in awareness.   Please see my other website, Sacred Light Photography, for more images and explanation …

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A’na Sa’tara

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Sacred Energy

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Understand planetary shifts to support our highest vibrational future …

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Looking for an insight to awaken your soul & transform your life?

Discover articles, videos, & photographs to empower your soul ascension and healing …

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