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Some people are sensitive to perceiving different frequencies of light, either visual or auditory.   The “visible light spectrum” and “audible range” as defined in physics and acoustics are relative to the third dimensional physical planetary structure.  Other frequencies of energy outside of this range can be seen and appear quite “physical” to the eye with perceptive ability.  Our brain tends to “color” energy in different ways as part of the interpretative/symbolic process.  Higher frequencies are often associated with lighter colors (white, silver, gold).  It is also possible to see frequencies represented in structures or geometries, but many of these are hard to describe in physical terms.

It is not uncommon to perceive white, golden, or rainbow light during or after a session.  Some experience it entering into the top of their head or the center of their forehead, most commonly.  Sometimes the perception continues after the session, even for days.  One suggestion is to meditate on this stream or column of light.  This is a way to connect to information and awareness that are available “within the light.”   Many different frequencies are seen as “white” or “gold” — it is not all the “same stuff”.  Very specific soul energies are transmitted to you in each session.

As noted in the “time FAQ,” time is much more fluid than usually perceived.  Some people begin to experience energy or see light even “before” the appointment time.

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