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Where better than sitting on a field of lava than to talk with you about upcoming Earth changes?  Well, even better when there was a strong earthquake a few hours ago, and a hurricane passing through in the preceding two days.  Join me on Mauna Loa, one of the major volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii to understand Earth changes from a new perspective. You have the opportunity to be empowered, aware, and choose your pathway through this remarkable planetary period that we are experiencing.  Earth’s energy and consciousness are evolving in ways that have not been witnessed for tens of thousands of years.  This IS a unique and powerful time to be alive.  I offer you a new perspective to be prepared, aligned, and ready to participate in — or choose to avoid– many planetary shifts that will be unfolding in coming years.

I also offer a companion article to this video on “Earth Changes & Your Future.”  Please click here to read.

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