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Earth changes lava field

“New Life from New Earth,” fern on lava field, Mauna Loa, Big Island of Hawaii, August 2013

The intensity of emotion and desired meaning around disasters often makes looking more deeply into these kinds of events difficult.  While “catastrophes” might be a subject that many wish to avoid considering in their past or future, I am observing that it is important to call a new level of awareness into view — both from the inner subconscious and from collective perception — at this junction in planetary evolution.  There is such a focus on the “physical” aspects of current and potential disasters that most people ignore, or unaware of, the field of consciousness that ACTUALLY generates those events.  That’s why I am describing this state of limited planetary and individual consciousness as “the (major) under-recognized problem of catastrophe re-creation.”

Catastrophes — of a personal or planetary nature — don’t spring out of a sudden set of strange physical circumstances.  Rather, they are the “precipitate” of a much deeper and longer-term field of energy and awareness.

Here’s a way to imagine it.  There are these small particles of “catastrophe consciousness” in the field (or think of a liquid solution) of individual and collective awareness.  People tend to push them away or gravitate towards them, depending upon their emotional tendencies (avoidance or fixation).  Either way, the catastrophe particles are “inner” and “outer” — energetically dense, and remaining “frozen in time” (vibrationally stuck) until conscious recognition motivates a desire to move beyond entrapment in that reality structure.

As long as the particles of catastrophe consciousness remain “held” or “charged” in the collective or personal field of awareness, an energetic force can be applied to “activate” them and cause them to coalesce.  Seemingly suddenly, these particles resonate and interact with each other, and become more “solid” and real — appearing as a cataclysmic event “precipitating” into physical reality from the manipulation or activation of this subconscious field of “catastrophe energy particles.”  If you remember these kinds of chemistry experiments in high school or college, imagine that kind of process occurring on the scale of cultural or planetary consciousness.

Simply speaking, the origin of these catastrophe particles is prior events and memories from the distant past.  Almost every soul has them, from existences in this planetary system or others.  These energetic imprints can also come from lineages and other forms of “cellular memory.”   The specifics of what and when do not ultimately matter very much.

What is necessary to elevate the catastrophe consciousness is willingness to look these phantoms in the eye, release the energetic/emotional charge, and allow yourself to see and experience a reality that is free of this “pre-loaded catastrophe path”Then, you will not resonate, or re-create alignments, with people, places, and events in the catastrophe consciousness field.

I observed these powerful destructive thought forms in action earlier this morning, working with someone processing a high vibrational DNA activation and associated energy clearing.  To my physical and energetic viewpoint, he looked better than ever (though a bit tired from the effort of much inner work).  The shift into new clarity, vibrance, and higher frequency life force was unmistakable.  However, he was reporting to me an experience of depletion, negativity, and possible breakdown.  Interestingly, he was talking in a rather chipper and energized way — hardly what matches a person in demise or distress.  Watching this process, I observed the power of thought forms to create a perceived reality that just doesn’t match what is actually occurring and available.  It was like a recording suddenly prompted to playback when his energy system entered this powerful state of transition and elevation.

I pointed out these thought forms and patterns, and that he could re-create a difficult and stressful physical reality from them.  Or, he could pause, observe the actual transformation occurring, and realign his thought forms to live a future of uplift, new possibilities, and freedom.  It is really that straightforward — he could create a stressful physical drama or embrace a new reality structure for his life.

soul ascension enlightenment Yosemite 5x4Our reference point and expectations for a future reality can bypass or re-create catastrophe.  This opening of awareness, and choice, is occurring on a mass scale RIGHT NOW.  The collective outcome of these energies and thought forms will shape how the upcoming (physical) planetary transition unfolds.

Truly supporting and aligning with the path of uplift is NOT as simple as “saying” some positive affirmations.  What you “say” doesn’t matter much.  What matters is what you “mean” and take action upon.  That intention goes way deeper — into a heart-centered choice of your path forward, and being willing to see and release the ghosts of former cataclysms and un-inspiring outcomes (on whatever scale).

On the other side of the mask of fear, doom, and inevitable struggle is the brilliant and bright truth of your existence — that an uplifting reality is available, freely offered, and yours to choose and create NOW.  If you take this path, and encourage others to join you, then this planetary transition can unfold into an energetic ascension of astounding magnitude.

It is my honor to support your journey into uplift and renewal.  Please click here to learn more about DNA activations, soul clearings, and guidance for your soul ascension path.

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