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El Capitan, Yosemite Valley

“Emerging Reality,” El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California

The turning of the seasons has long been a time of marking transitions — in nature, culture, and their reflections in our personal journeys.  Autumn has always been notable to me in this way, in part because the  “real new year” always felt like the beginning of the school year.  And that’s been true as an adult, even though I finished my doctorate over 15 years ago!

But this year has emerged quite differently for me.  I would like to share these observations with you, and a bigger picture explanation of planetary changes, because I suspect that many on the soul ascension path are having similar experiences, as planetary energetic shifts become stronger and stronger.

The “end” of autumn

Yosemite Valley autumn Merced RiverAs I was looking out over the landscape and feeling the seasonal shifts this August, an unexpected opening occurred in my awareness.  I recognized that I no longer felt my physical life oriented to seasons in the same way.  There was an apple tree out the window, bending under the weight of fruit.  And yellowing leaves dusting the ground.  What was different?  I didn’t feel an ending of summer, or even the beginning of autumn and the graceful slide into the (rather gentle) central California winter.

No longing for warmer weather in the mountains.  As I pondered more, even calendar months seemed rather abstract.  You could rename July “blue” and call August  “purple” and it would make about much sense.  Or even scramble up the days in a different order.

Reflecting more deeply, what I did feel resonant with was the continuity of time, rather than the parcels of time as days, months, or seasons.   A strength of energetic flow had come into the foreground of my awareness, with cultural and natural aspects as a backdrop.  A complete reversal of how it used to be.  Rather than feeling loss or discomfort at this shift, somewhat to my surprise, I actually feel relief.  I knew that I was oriented to something real, expansive, and vastly greater than the continual “ups” and “downs” of the seasons.

Changes in planetary space-time

Reflection on Merced RiverPlanetary “space-time” is changing, and many, many people are feeling it, even though they might not fully understand it.  My husband describes it as a “compression,” as events manifest much more quickly and forcefully than before.  Some of his employees will describe a day as “crazy” at the office, even though there are comparably very few phone calls or to-do’s.  The intensification of energy makes everything feel more potent than it used to be.

These waves of planetary energetic shifts are particularly uncomfortable if you have one foot in the past and another in the present or future — you are constantly bouncing back or forth, or feeling pulled apart, as old energetic structures crumble and the new and unexpected emerges into your experience.

Also, the more that you are in tune with your soul-level awareness, and higher vibrational energy frequencies, the more strongly that you will be experiencing the planetary shifts.  In effect, you are “in sync” with the larger planetary flows, and moving into new planes of energy and awareness as they become available.  It is kind of like if you have a keen sense of smell — you will pick up a whiff of smoke way before anyone around you recognizes it.  As the “smell” becomes stronger, more and more people (hopefully) become aware of it and start to respond.

Time in the emerging planetary reality

Yosemite Half DomeThere’s no solution to “speed up” or “slow down” to remedy the experience of the compression or tension that can be a part of the planetary transitions.  You are still caught in the framework of “time” that is perceived as physical.  It’s a reality structure that will keep you trapped and, most likely, keep you stressed.

Instead, there’s another reality structure that is outside of physical space-time that you can open into.  In this reality (that is, the reference point of your awareness), time is a product of energetics rather than physicality.  A big shift, right?

“Time as energy” orients you to the physical world in a different way.  As I described above, flows of energy come into the forefront and physical events are secondary — you note physical events as they flow by, but you aren’t focused upon these situations as the markers of your life (e.g., the marker of time).

For instance, you can (with practice) organize your day around “energetic priorities” instead of defined physical concerns.  I feel for the best alignment of energies to do or create things, even the relatively mundane, like going to the store or calling someone.  When the energy is aligned, it is much more effortless and flowing.  In these two examples, I usually find that I miss traffic en route to the store, or I catch someone when they are available and receptive, rather than playing phone tag.

Also, in “non-physical time,” there’s a different expectation for when and how things will “get done.”  Instead of looking for a physical result, you can focus on supporting the energetic fulfillment or completion of something.  The creation, event, or action is not “early” or “late” — it comes into physical form when energies are aligned and sufficient.

Time as energy: the soul-level view

High vibrational reflectionThe experience of “time as energy” can also be called a soul-level view: your higher, non-physical aspects of awareness do not “see” through the window of physical time and transitions, but rather, through the window of energy and awareness.  That’s why I always tell my students and clients that I cannot predict “how long” a soul-level healing or clearing will take to fully manifest in their body or awareness.  My work occurs outside of physical space-time; the session or transmission is complete in that place, and each being is individual in how they “transmute” or express the soul-level awareness into their physical form.

Because of these individual differences, don’t be surprised if you “bump” into the density of those still more focused on physical time reality as you embody “energetic time” more fully.  It’s normal and natural to experience a heightening of these differences as energetic shifts accelerate and beings respond at different rates (like the example of “smelling the smoke” above).  My husband and I regularly need to sort out our temporal differences; he describes my “today” as six months in his “future.”  We have different senses of priority and urgency from our differing experiences of energy-time.

The shift in experience from “time as physical” to “time as energy” can occur gradually, in spurts, or powerful waves.  I have had a non-linear orientation to time, and understanding of the relationship between time and energy, for much of my life.  However, recent planetary shifts have made this a more complete transition in my experience.  There is no ideal, or even particularly useful expectations, for the unfolding of higher vibrational shifts into individual awareness.

The more that you meditate upon the deeper planetary energetic transition (beyond the physical parade of dramas), the more that expanded awareness can infuse your consciousness and help you align with the path of highest vibrational potentials.
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