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Lava flow blocking highway, southern Hawai’i

In the North American news media, I don’t think that I’ve seen the words “disaster,” “catastrophic,” and “devastation,” as much as I ever have in the past few weeks.  Water, wind, fire, earth movements, extreme heat, plus several major political and military crises making new and encore performances.

How do you orient your reality?  Are things just going from bad to worse?

It all depends upon your reality structure.  These events are incredibly complex, natural, and unnatural — there’s no simple “positive” or “negative” viewpoint to receive.  If you take one of these polarities as your perspective, you risk oversimplifying the causes and effects of what is unfolding.

Writing today, if I could offer you one powerful lens of perspective on these events, I would call it “separation” of realities and energies.  People tend to think of “separation” as being isolated or distant in time or place.  However, separation of realities can occur in a very small space — two beings or two houses, just a small space apart, can have radically different experiences and futures unfold.

That’s where the distortion of major “disaster” headlines sets in and obscures the finer elements of events and complex reality.  For instance, one of first photos that I saw from Hurricane Irma reaching Miami was of a downtown street with 3-4 fallen palm trees, with the nominal caption about the floods, high winds, and downed trees.  However, looking closely, there was “another palm tree reality” that was equally visible in the photo: there were over dozen other palm trees on both sides of the street that were quite fine and upright.  How many people noticed or reported THAT aspect?

Likewise, looking at aerial views of the flood waters in Houston, I was struck by how half of the houses portrayed in a “flooding disaster street” photo were actually untouched — you could see the green lawn all around while their neighbors were up to the first floor windows in water.  Some time ago, different choices (in which house to buy) had now lead to a very different reality unfolding.  Those dry and flooded houses, side by side, poignantly illustrate the “separation of realities” — it unfolds on the personal and local scale, all the way up to the scale of ley lines and continents.

In fact, I would say that, from the larger understanding of reality and creation, there’s no such thing as a “current event” or “sudden disaster” — rather, I would use the term “culminating event or disaster.”  A culmination of energy, awareness, and alignments expressing themselves in physical form.  There’s a lot of empowerment with this understanding: now you become a director, creator, navigator, and healer for the flow of energies that become manifest in your experience, rather than a beleaguered recipient of planetary madness.

Higher vibrational realities and futures favor those who are conscious, thoughtful, questioning, and look beyond the surface.  This applies to receiving information about the current state of affairs (like the palm tree photo described above) as well as making your life decisions from a place of inner Stillness, clarity, and peace.  Rather than reacting to an emotional impulse or believing that there is some sort of “safety” in tradition or doing what others are doing.  (A couple years ago, I created a video describing why the concept of “going with the flow” is one of the more misleading spiritual and energetic concepts that I’ve seen promulgated.)

These post-eclipse events are a wake-up call, if needed, to fine tune your reality awareness and connect more consciously with the type of experiences that you will want to align in your future.  There’s a much larger context from which to interpret the significance of local and world events.  Personally, from the perspective of the many potential realities that could have come into formation, I am quite impressed at the relatively low amounts of damage and death that occurred from Hurricane Irma in the US, when considering the vast energy build-up and release that occurred.  A much more uplifting outcome, of the possibilities on many scales, for the most intense energy to dissipate over the unpopulated Everglades rather than over the major cities all around.

Ultimately, whether responding to your present, or preparing your future, the most powerful starting point of awareness is inner Stillness.  From this vantage point, you can perceive things as they truly are within the big picture of energy and consciousness, with complexity and nuance.  With this clarity comes an ability to be present with it ALL, and not be caught up in energy releases, disturbances, or multi-dimensional dramas playing out as part of planetary transitions.

For more in-depth guidance on “Earth changes” and how to align your path with ongoing planetary shifts, please click here.

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