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"Beyond the Visible" Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, January 2015

“Beyond the Visible”
Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, January 2015


The intensity of creation and choice is heating up.  Now, more than ever, your choices set you on a pathway of realities to be experienced for years and decades — and lifetimes — to come.  To be clear and empowered in this evolving, and often volatile time, a more complete picture of our evolving planetary system and the many energetic planes of existence is your greatest ally.

If you would like to receive the full potential of your life, and align yourself powerfully upon your soul ascension path, then it is time to shift your focus AWAY from “manifesting” (with)in the physical world.  The source and heart of creation is energy and awareness.  Making this transition is like moving from legos and wood blocks to the “real stuff” that builds houses and bridges.

Going (way beyond) the “law of attraction”

The simplicity of the law of attraction is a good starting point to consider, but it does not offer a fully accurate picture of the workings of creation in (multi-dimensional) time and space.  It is also limited as the concept of “attraction” is framed around duality — separation and attraction, rather than connection and infinite awareness.

So let’s get to the nuts and bolts of higher creative potential: energy and awareness.  When you see how these work — from the 3D physical perspective or the multi-dimensional energy perspective, you become conscious, discerning, and aware of the (visible and unseen) world around you, and the reality that you are continually “calling into” creation in your life.

A physical being enters into particular realities — “walks” down certain pathways — in two steps.  Both are underpinned by their energetic state and their awareness, which co-evolve.  What you perceive is based upon the energetic state (or frequency) of your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, which in turn define the “container” for your awareness and understanding of the world.  This multi-faceted “container” of awareness then organizes and creates the reality that you (physically, mentally, emotionally) experience.

A higher vibrational state of being leads to more expansive (and in many respects, more full and accurate) awareness of what is occurring around you (and in the planetary system).    The core principles are simple to understand and straightforward to apply to all aspects of your life experience.   Elevate your energy, awaken your awareness, and create a new reality!

Pre-creating Realities

The added “complexity” of creation arises from the higher dimensions of existence, both on and off planet, that can affect the physical reality matrix outside of the space-time of this dimensional experience.  How do higher dimensional beings use this vantage point to affect/manipulate the physical reality, and how do we, as multi-dimensional beings with the capacity for higher vibrational awareness, use the same opportunities to create our own futures?

Higher dimensional realities are created by organizing energy flows outside of physical space-time.  From the physical perspective, this could be seen as the “pre-creation” of reality, or pre-creation of a “physical future.”

If there is a desire for beings to participate in particular reality, then their awareness and energy must be directed to flow into that reality.  For those that want to coerce or manipulate an outcome, this could be thought of as “pickpocketing reality.”  In other words, a distraction or fixation of awareness is created that draws the attention, while other aspects of the reality experience are manipulated.  The diversion, in pickpocketing terms, is the spilling of food or bumping or conversation while the accomplice makes off with the wallet, watch, or whatever.  In reality creation terms, the diversion is some carrot on a stick — which could be an enticement (money, entertainment, sex, etc.) or an aversion (triggering a conscious or subconscious fear).

In any case, when there is a reaction to a perceived event or circumstance, there is then a flow of energy down that “reality pathway.”  Which then leads towards a particular set of experiences and creations.  Those experiences and creations are interpreted in one way by the being that signed up (followed the “carrot”), but also have other consequences that might not be apparent, or might be serving other agendas.

The Loading of the Reality “Dice”

In a “pure,” unmanipulated existence, all infinite realities would be equally possible and accessible — a level playing field for choice and creation.  However, in the third dimensional Earth plane, “dice are loaded” for most humans — certain realities are more easily accessible due to various psychological, energetic, and technological influences.  It is well said that the path of the higher Light (higher vibration) is not usually the path of least resistance to follow and experience.

There is no inherent judgment here.  But there are consequences.  Is the reality pathway that you are taking leading you towards your deeper purpose and well-being?  Or does it lead towards another being’s purpose, and subsequently, does the created reality then benefit their well-being rather than your own?

In a multi-dimensional space, desired realities are “pre-created” and beings, of their own choice, though not necessarily with full disclosure, head down the tunnel or pathway of energy to experience a reality as their “future.”  The choice of pathway is based upon discernment (clarity of awareness) of the options, AND the vibrational match with one of a suite of “pre-created” (possible) realities.

In other words, which street you are going to drive down?  You might have a habitual or normal way of driving home, but there are many other routes available, though they might be less familiar.  If you “look ahead” and become aware of traffic or a road closure, you consciously seek an alternate route.  If you don’t bother to look ahead, you might be mired in traffic with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other beings who were not aware of the impending blockage in the energy flow to their desired destination.

As your vibration becomes higher, clearer, and stronger, there are two particular results for your future realities.  One is that more possibilities open up that you did not perceive before — new (and interesting!) routes to follow.  Second, other vibrational realities no longer come up as possibilities.  BOTH of these are aspects of a “shift” in the “vibrational band” in which you live.  Lower vibrational possibilities fade away and new higher vibrational doorways open.   You might encounter or observe other vibrational realities (in people or the world around you), but only from a distance, and they no longer intersect with the trajectory of your life reality.

Expanded Awareness leads to your Empowerment

As a higher vibrational, multi-dimensional being, you have the ability to not just react to or receive the pre-created realities of others, but to create the future for yourself.  Few humans have developed this capability because of their entrapment in a physical perspective and lack of experience/access to higher dimensional planes of reality.  But you can remember and re-cultivate this inherent ability.  In doing so, your energy begins to flow towards creating (hopefully, higher) vibrational realities and pathways for others (to choose or not) to participate in.  As you raise your vibration and your awareness, you assist thousands and millions of other beings to do the same by elevating the field of energy and awareness that they experience in the evolving planetary system.

How do you go forward — right now — as a more conscious and empowered creator of your (future) realities?  How do you load your reality dice for the experiences that YOU want to have?

The most powerful component of effectively creating in multi-dimensional reality is discernment — recognizing BOTH the obvious and underlying energy flows are opening (and closing) options, opportunities, and pathways for your unfolding reality.  The SOURCE and DIRECTION of those energy flows are MORE IMPORTANT than what the choice or situation looks like in the physical world.  As noted above, situations can be presented in a way to trigger attraction or aversion responses and “tunnel” your awareness into a particular reality.  In a multi-dimensional reality, nothing is what it simply appears to be when viewed only from the lower dimensional physical perspective.

The appearances might deceive in the physical reality, but the multi-dimensional energy behind them tells much more.  Energy doesn’t lie — it only is the vibration that it is, nothing more and nothing less.  With open and expanded awareness, you can turn your attention AWAY from the physical situation, and sense more deeply into the underlying energy and associated intentions.  These are the true guides to the futures that are opening before you — awaiting your sovereign choice of participation and co-creation.

Many blessings to awaken, elevate, and create from your highest soul expression!  Click here to learn about how soul sacred geometry can help you to expand your awareness and clear energetic blocks to living a vibrant, uplifting future reality.

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