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Yosemite Soul Ascension

Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, California, December 2016

We are in one of those periods of history where it seems like unhappiness, stress, drama, and disillusionment have been uncorked and are flooding out on many scales.  There are many deeper reasons for this, as part of the planetary renewal and transition, and I recommend my articles on new perceptions of time, “turning reality inside out,” and the “under-recognized problem of catastrophe re-creation” to explore several aspects.  Here, I would like to offer a reflection on one particular factor: inner/outer judgement as a response to diverging planetary energies, and the associated reflections of personal and cultural separation and conflict, that seem to abound right now.

When you judge someone or something (including your own past or present), you energetically put yourself in opposition, or resistance, to the situation. Which, ultimately, is opposition to the nature of the universe itself. Judgement sets yourself up to be in ongoing conflict with your inner/outer world. The infinite creative potential of existence allows for ALL creations to come forth. You can’t inherently eliminate the possibility of some creations without eliminating free will choice of realities and experiences.  Free will, and infinite creative potential, offers both the possibility of luminous uplift and recycling of energetic decay.

These diverging possibilities fill every moment of the day and are relatively inescapable.  However, you have a decision point on how to relate to these transitional energies and pathways of manifestation.

Judgement initiates strong focus in a particular direction, and the perspective of opposition produces a powerful line (or vector) of energy to sustain that perspective. “Fighting for the good guys” isn’t that much different than “fighting for the bad guys” in the type of energetic patterns that are produced. There are temporary victories and movements, but, eventually, the cycle begins again.  In this way,  I describe judgement as “fuel” for the “drama engine.”  This multi-dimensional engine powers most of the continuous dramas and upheavals that you experience — either within your personal life or manifesting on the world stage.

Yosemite Valley earth changesOne of key aspects of feeding the “drama engine” is the perception of polarity. That is, seeing people, ideas, or desires as opposing, conflicting, or constricting each other.   Instead, you can perceive the simultaneous existence of infinite different possibilities — and then — choose how (or if) to bring yourself into a situation.  Neutrality, inner peace, emotional wholeness, and clarity sustain transformation and uplift.

Alternatively, if you bring anger, resistance, or adversarial energy into a situation, then you fuel the engine to crank out another conflict or drama to be experienced.  How could it be otherwise?  Physical form follows the framework of energy and consciousness that is created for it.  A valuable question to ask throughout the day … what am I fueling with my energy and viewpoint?

Once again, the key shift: the alternative mental, emotional, and energetic perspective to judgement is “allowance of choice.”  There’s a deep simplicity, and inner freedom, within this core awareness.  Instead of living in conflict (polarity) with the vast possibilities of creations that you don’t want or don’t like, offer your time, energy, and attention to creating the experiences and world that you DO wish to experience.  In the process, you flow a much higher vibrational energy into your own life and the world around you.  This form of energy and awareness will uplift yourself and everyone around you — and does NOT feed the drama engine.

Your offering of uplift expands into the world by providing a peaceful, conscious, clear, and wholeness-based alternative to the pervasive cultural, political, economic, and psychological drama and fragmentation saturating media, human interactions, and structures of reality.  I would say that one of the most powerful, if not most powerful, action that you can take to (truly) help others is to offer a choice where one was not perceived before.  That new choice can take many forms — something physical, an example of an emotional state, an idea, or new awareness.

In any situation, many possible outcomes and pathways can unfold.  You cannot control what other beings will choose for themselves, but providing a choice initiates the possibility of a different, and hopefully, more uplifting future for all.  New choices can powerfully transform realities on any scale — where there once was a wall, now there is a doorway to something else.
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