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"Clarity Received" Ragged Peak & Young Lakes, Yosemite National Park, California, USA

“Clarity Received”
Ragged Peak & Young Lakes, Yosemite National Park, California, USA

First step: changing your view of Earth Changes

When I first wrote this article four years ago, I included a reflection on how my husband and I recently reviewed and restocked our “emergency” food supplies.  This past weekend, we reviewed them again — and decided to completely eliminate the emergency bins.  We composted some aged dried vegetables and re-distributed most of the rest onto our kitchen shelves for daily use.

A big shift, eh?  Yes.  Over the past several years of intensive planetary service and energy work, my awareness has expanded and perspective changed.  We’ve chosen a soul ascension path that does not align with disaster and cataclysm. We are not going to participate in those events.  If those intentions and energies coalesce for where we live, we will be gone long before we need a pile of ramen, batteries, and tomato sauce.

To maintain our bins of “emergency” supplies is to keep one foot on the disaster path and one foot on the path of elevation and liberation.  You can’t have expectations of disaster without subscribing yourself to the manifestation of those events.  We’ve chosen to clearly and unequivocally support another future, for the benefit of all beings.

That’s not to say that disruptive and unpleasant events will not occur in the planetary system.  Unfortunately, there are beings who are aligned to re-experience the destructive cycles of other times.

So …  how are so-called “Earth changes” — including “physical events” like earthquakes and hurricanes – likely to be a part of the upcoming months and years?  And, most specifically, likely to be a part of YOUR coming months and years?

It is actually straightforward to take the mystery out of how Earth changes connect to your life, with willingness to see differently and ask the right questions.  Our planetary home is more complex, wondrous, and alive than most imagine.  The view of Earth as a “rock planet” is stunningly incomplete.

In this article, I invite you to take a step back from your assumptions and expectations — which is actually a step forward! — and see “awakening Earth” in a new way.  From this viewpoint, “Earth changes” will mean something different to you.  And, from this new perspective, you can make day-to-day choices that will bring you joy, abundance, safety, and an amazing journey through the years to come.

Much more than a rock … an evolving being

Earth is not simply a “rock planet.” We learned about planets in elementary school and maybe some more later on.  They were portrayed as balls of rocky stuff, or gaseous stuff, that follow circular tracks around a star (what is called the Sun in our local system of planets). Zipping through “space” these orbs live out fairly mundane lives — controlled by gravity, organized into patterns by cosmic forces of a distant past, and destined to someday melt or freeze as their central star expands or contracts.

Uplifting and inspiring, eh? Kind of in the “live, suffer, die” scenario that has been fashionable (explicitly or subtly) for the past centuries.

We can open our awareness to receive something much greater than this perspective. Anyone can choose to perceive differently and receive the empowerment (physical, energetic, spiritual) that comes with willingness to see differently.  I often call this “emerging from your reality containers.”

Our planet is an evolving system of energy and consciousness.  A vastly complex being— not a “planet” of rock and water with assorted creatures roaming the surface.  Earth is energy, awareness, and connections that extend far beyond the visible world and into energetic dimensions of great beauty and wholeness. The distressed, fractured, and conflicted “surface Earth” is misleading and confusing. By believing that is all there is, we disconnect from the true extent of the planetary and galactic awakening that is magnificently underway.  Right now.

As a celestial being, the so-called “planet” is evolving as part of the ever-evolving, creating, and re-forming of energy.  As a whole, and in all of her aspects, she is a part, or expression, of Consciousness itself. And by no means is she a large rock trapped on a gravity track. Earth is in constant dynamic relationship with her galaxy and Universe.   Her awareness, her capacity to create Life, and her vibrational frequency is changing and opening to new potentials. We can feel these shifts just as an evolving human experiences his/her own journey of Self-realization.

A process of planetary awakening

At the core of perceived “Earth changes” is the ascension or awakening process of a living and evolving planetary being. Over many millennia, the planetary energy system has been evolving its capacity to “leap” into a new future. We are now receiving the fruition of many, many beings’ efforts to assist Earth’s vibratory frequencies and flows to elevate, as well as the “timing” of cosmic alignments that are opening the final threshold.

Suffice to say, Earth is not simply molded by earthquakes, sea level changes, and erosion. Those are reflections — or one might say “symptoms” or “reflections” — of the deeper and vaster processes of evolution.

When a human being awakens and evolves, there can be powerful and dramatic shifts — in emotions, choices, relationships, jobs, and ways of living in the world. But those are not the change itself. They are the reflections of the deeper inner evolution: the new desires, callings, and awareness that is coming into new expression.  As well as the release of old energies and patterns.

In perceiving and understanding the great planetary transition, we must be careful to not confuse the symptoms with the source.  Physical Earth changes are reflections (not the source) of a much greater and deeper process of transformation, energetic ascension, and the creation of new pathways and possibilities in the multi-dimensional planetary system.

Earth Changes … what and when?

So what about those “symptoms” of change? I am often asked about what kind of “Earth changes” will be occurring over the next decades.  My simple answer is “many.” From my perspective, it is much more empowering to perceive and align with the process of uplift rather than focus upon, or fear, the signals (symptoms) of evolution — Earth changes.

My answer above is not meant to be evasive.  No one has a master list of upcoming earthquakes, tornadoes, wars, or such.  The future does not work that way.  Rather, the so-called “future” is a series of potentials.  Some are more likely than others.  But all are contingent upon many factors and forces that can change, eliminate, or elevate possible futures.  That is why it is so important to focus your energy, attention, and intention in uplifting and positive directions.  You both personally connect with, and collectively empower, those “kinds” of futures.

Of course, there are many “futures” which, from a standpoint of health and well-being, it would be undesirable in which to participate.  I agree wholeheartedly and act accordingly.  As I said in the introduction, I make a conscious choice to be on the path of creation that brings well-being, health, support, and safe distance from the disruptions and destructions generated by others’ intentions.

Creating YOUR future of (Earth) changes

To align with the most power and efficacy, my suggestion is to shift your awareness AWAY FROM looking OUTSIDE of yourself for information on what to do, when to do it, and where to be in order to experience the future that you desire.  By looking outside, you are directly or indirectly taking on other people’s perceived futures and alignments of energy.

Instead, create your own future.  Have the INNER focus and courage to make the path that you want to create.  It is your choice to be on the leading edge of creation or to re-create something from someone’s fears or memories.  In another article, I directly discuss the process of “loading the reality dice in your favor.”

This is why that I emphasize the power of the awakened Divine Feminine during this time of great (personal and planetary) change.  You can create your life and highest expression of your soul potential by stepping outside of incessant or conditioned action  From this place of expanded awareness, you have access to what is ACTUALLY present NOW, rather than a projection of your past or others’ preconceived notions of what is possible.

Step outside of the chaos, the incessant doing, and the compulsion to react.  Your peace, your joy, and your path to your desired future arises from the emotional clarity of fully present stillness.

Flowing with or against planetary changes?

When we shift our perspective to understanding and experiencing Earth as an evolving planetary system of energy and awareness, rather than a capricious and unpredictable rock, then we can choose to move WITH the flow of change.  We can be willing to see a bigger picture of the what and why of our life and changes around us.  Or we can resist what is occurring, and insist on holding onto something that is slipping away, ending, or no longer serves what is possible now.

Succinctly, you can go with the planetary flow or fight against it.  As dwellers of the physical planetary aspect, we are all participants in that flow of planetary evolution, consciously or unconsciously, through action or inaction.

The real question is — how will you participate? With open arms to receive and co-evolve into a higher vibrational future?  Or with resistance or avoidance of the great changes in progress?  I see both choices playing out around me everyday.

For a much more joyful, impactful, and powerful life, I highly recommend the first option — openness, receptivity, and focus upon the highest vibrational potentials.  By opening your heart and eyes to the evolutionary experience of Earth, your life’s journey can unfold in a way that receives empowering energy and uplift from planetary shifts.

It’s always your choice. You can insist on doing a waltz to rap music, or actively participate in the music choice and choreography.

Steps to take the mystery out of planetary changes

When we shift our perspective to living and co-creating with an evolving planetary system, then we can experience new opportunities and awareness.

Exercise 1: Seeing beyond the Surface

What if you experienced yourself as living in Earth rather than on Earth?

I invite you to “walk around” Earth and play with seeing, and connecting with, the “planet” through new eyes. What if what you are seeing is only one layer in a great layer cake of worlds that are existing right now? Ask your inner vision to help you see what “layer” is below the surface of what you are seeing. Then, ask what layer is being created right now — the next layer up, so to speak. This is a great exercise when waiting at a stop light or in traffic — there are always a few minutes during the day to practice “re-viewing” what is around you.

How do you feel in relation to the currents of change (personal and planetary) that are flowing?

Do you feel them in your body or just “know”?

Are you fully open to receive the currents of change into your awareness? Or do you tend to push them away or to the side?

Exercise 2: Taking an “Earth Change” compass heading

Feel into the flow of your life. Is it aligned with the direction of greatest planetary uplift, or is your life compass pointed at a tangent?  How many degrees east or west of “true north” (full alignment) are you? Take an inner wisdom guess at the number.  It will help you calibrate and observe your own shifts.

Now reach with your mind’s eye towards the future …

How do different choices affect your desired alignment?

Are you strongly paddling with the river, looking ahead, aware and prepared?

Or are you fumbling frantically, with oars, passengers, and your own awareness in turmoil?

Connecting, aligning, and participating with your uplifted future

By working with the questions and exercises above, and feeling how planetary evolution is flowing with and through you, you will have answers — or at very least clear pointers — towards how you will be living and co-creating with upcoming Earth changes. You can take the mystery out of upcoming Earth change — by asking the right questions (of yourself, that is).

Most simply, this is a process of connecting, aligning, and participating.

Earth changes can be experienced like an oil change in your car — expected and thoughtfully planned for — or as a complete engine failure — sudden, scary, and rather catastrophic to the vehicle’s well-being (and your bank account). If the head gasket hasn’t blown yet, then it’s not too late to initiate the repairs and maintenance that will avert it.

Now — this very moment — is a powerful time to welcome new awareness. Challenge your patterns of perception to see more. Invite guidance and direction for your health, well-being, and abundance. It is all ready and waiting for you to request and receive. Allow yourself to create pathways to receive the physical, energetic, and spiritual opportunities that are available to you. Abandon or dissolve fears that create resistance. You have access to deep insight and higher awareness to guide in every step that you take.

It is my greatest joy to support and empower your soul journey.  If you would to learn more about the sacred geometry activations, energetic insight, and soul clearings that I offer, please click here.

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