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Khumbu glacier Everest Base Camp

view of Khumbu glacier, Everest Base Camp, and Mount Everest from Kala Pattar, Himalayas, Nepal, April 2012

Freeing yourself from cycles of destruction

(This article is also reprinted with my permission on the The Examiner.  I have also written a follow-up article on “Renewal after Disaster“)

A little over three years ago, I was in Everest Base Camp, a brilliantly clear April day culminating a three week trek (without guides or porters) through the Three Valleys of the region.  The “river of ice” in the center of the image above is the Khumbu glacier, with Base Camp just on the edge.  Mount Everest is the highest peak, to the right of the white prayer flag.

The earthquake a week ago in Nepal (April 26, 2015) continues to reverberate in my awareness, for the great suffering that is unfolding for many.  From my years of journeying in the Himalayas, and extensive planetary healing work in Nepal, this most recent cycle of destruction was surprising — and, sadly, not.  It is a land of spectacular physical beauty, and a land of great energetic conflict and turnover through the ages.

As planetary energies elevate and transition, many landscapes and souls are re-experiencing the clashes of energies and cataclysms of other times.  It does not “need” to be this way, but some densities of planetary energy are so “stuck” that their elevation expresses itself with sudden and dramatic force of release.  Similar to when a person reaches a “breaking point” — when the contrast of energies cannot be sustained or contained — and undergoes a life transition with drama and waves of disturbance.

However, when you consciously and continually elevate your energies, and dedicate yourself to a path of harmless awakening, a much more gentle and graceful path unfolds for yourself and those around you.  Key to this process — and not being caught in larger shifts and personal cycles of destruction — is to free yourself from the (usually forgotten or buried) memories of other planetary cycles of destruction.

These deep patterns, unresolved energies, and memories pre-program many souls (from before taking this physical form) to gravitate to places and situations that resonate with (repeated) cycles of destruction.  Rarely conscious, and usually not with full understanding, these “programs” subtly orient and organize life pathways on a “collision course” with particular times and places.

Pumo Ri at sunset

sunset on Pumo Ri, near Everest Base Camp, Nepal, April 2012

With intention, choice, and commitment, you ARE fully empowered to free yourself from participating in any and all cycles of destruction.  Of course, many of the cycles — like this one in Nepal — will eventually bring about a renewal and uplift of energies.   It is NOT individually necessary to experience the planetary contractions and disturbance to reach the collective elevation.  But it is a choice that requires taking soul-level responsibility for your journey and connecting to your higher awareness to navigate to pathways, places, and experiences of peace, uplift, and wholeness.

As you disconnect yourself from cycles of destruction, you radiate that possibility and awareness to all around you, making it easier to perceive and recognize alternatives.  Together, we open and expand the pathways of healing, uplift, and freedom, exponentially energizing opportunities that individually and collectively separate from the repetition of destructive cycles.

Many blessings!  It is my greatest service to support you in this astounding time of planetary uplift and renewal.

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