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Sacred3x2_03“My greatest passion is service to awakening consciousness, on behalf of all beings, to activate and anchor our highest vibrational future …”



We have crossed the threshold into an astounding experience of energetic transformation — a profound period of uplift in planetary and galactic consciousness (2012-2036).  Soul by soul, we are co-creating a transition to a new reality.  With each elevation in planetary energies, there are new openings to release soul-level blocks and receive new life potential, individually and collectively.

In support of this uplift, for twenty-one years, I have traveled worldwide to key high vibrational nodes, and sacred energy sites.  I have been blessed to cross the Himalayas on foot, circumnavigate Australia, and travel the American mountains from the Arctic Ocean to Tierra del Fugeo.  And experience many, many more ancient trails and cities of land, life, energy, and spiritual quest across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Earth Service Humpback Whale

Sacred energy sites, ascension activations, and soul awakening

My travels have followed gateways of galactic consciousness and ancient energy sites.  Over the past decade, my calling has evolved beyond exploration and my own soul path.  I now travel primarily to align new frequencies, clear energetic disruptions, and expand cosmic connections.  I visit sacred sites and energy ley lines for ascension activations and to open dimensional gateways, both for planetary consciousness, and to assist entrapped souls.

My planetary work continues to evolve to be of the greatest benefit and impact.  Currently, I need to travel less physically, and instead focus on the origination (or pre-origination) points of energy flows and physical creations.  This has expanded the temporal and galactic scope of my service, and alleviated the energetic drain of international travel and other associated challenges.  One of my new emanations is the restoration of high vibrational ancient energies (before currently recorded dimensional history, that is) through an endeavor that I call Ancient Energy Orchids.

All of these facets of “large-scale” energy work continually reflect through new clients and students that connect in the months following a planetary clearing or activation.  Their souls recognize the new potential and are empowered to take the next step in their awakening or healing.  Many are “soul-level leaders” for amplifying and anchoring new ascension energies.

Earth Service Mount Everest

Chomolungma (Mount Everest), Nepal

Ongoing Planetary Renewal

Many planetary healing projects are challenging journeys, as deep energetic clearing and stabilization are a major aspect of anchoring and activating our highest vibrational future.  The planetary system requires many forms of ongoing spiritual and energetic support to evolve on a pathway that is for the benefit of all beings.

For instance, in April-May 2015, I spent much time working on the Nepal earthquake situation, both stabilizing the planetary energy lines and assisting souls-in-transition.  And even better, many many more never come into manifestation as a result of the planetary healing and energetic stabilization efforts during frequency transitions.

Understanding Earth Changes

Understanding Earth changes requires a shift in perspective: from seeing the planet as a physical object to instead experiencing an evolving system of energy and consciousness.  A physical event is actually the “end result,” or reflection, of a shift in planetary energetics — not the cause.  To learn more, I offer a series of articles and videos on Earth changes.

Yosemite Half Dome

Half Dome at sunset, Yosemite National Park, USA

Earthquakes, for example, are generally initiated by rapid transitions in the energy system of the planet that cannot be contained or sustained.  Other events are caused by imbalanced flows between high vibrational and low vibrational energy centers or frequency bands — not all regions shift coherently.

As planetary energies transition into higher frequencies, many landscapes and souls are re-experiencing the clashes of energies and cataclysms of other times.  There are many events and places that do not become well-known which are critical to the high vibrational evolution of the planetary and galactic system.

It is not individually necessary to experience planetary contractions and disturbance to reach collective elevation.  But it is a choice that requires taking soul-level responsibility for your journey.

I call this addressing “the under-recognized problem of catastrophe re-creation.”  Connecting to your higher awareness, and releasing memories of past destruction, will enable you to navigate to pathways, places, and experiences of peace, uplift, and wholeness.


An Invitation to Uplift …


The intensity and extent of planetary transformation is accelerating.   I am in deepest service to this unfolding, to assist the passage of all beings into a new future of joy, freedom, and peace.

I offer private sessions for individuals seeking to activate their highest soul potential.  When your soul energies are clear and high vibrational, you directly support the uplift of planetary energies, and become a beacon for other souls to become aligned and empowered in their journeys.

You can also find a wealth of insight, guidance, and supportive high vibrational energy in the articles, photographs, and videos that are available on this website.

healing sacred geometry

Many blessings, and thank you for joining me in support of this time of remarkable transformation.

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