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You are invited to go beyond gender and tradition to experience the Divine Feminine as a cosmic principle of creativity.  Anchored in this awareness, vast potential and the source of true innovation and renewal is open to you.

Filmed on a powerful ley line in Yosemite National Park, I offer these principles and a direct transmission of high vibrational awareness of the empowered Divine Feminine.

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Sessions with
A’na Sa’tara

Are you ready to awaken your true potential for joy and creativity?

Receive unique energetic keys of sacred geometry, soul healings, and powerful energy clearings …

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Sacred Energy

Would you like to connect with this astounding time of uplift and renewal?

Understand planetary shifts to support our highest vibrational future …

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Wisdom for a
New World

Looking for an insight to awaken your soul & transform your life?

Discover articles, videos, & photographs to empower your soul ascension and healing …

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