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Pacific Ocean Sunset

“First Rains bring Renewal,” Santa Cruz mountains, California, USA, March 2014

Do you notice that certain relationships, situations, or projects consume a disproportionate amount of energy to keep “working”?  Or have you wondered why a seemingly “small” situation or event is spiraling into a large “mess”?  Do you believe in the best in people and that every problem or situation can be led to a good solution?

My clients and students are a rather high vibrational group of beings, many of whom are professional healers, lightworkers, and are committed to uplifting our world.  Over time, I’ve noticed a pattern that reappears amongst them, in varied circumstances, that leads to being energetically “stuck” in life situations or dissipating their creative intentions.

When a conflict or difficulty occurs,  we like to believe that we can create a joyful and peaceful solution.  Some people would even say that it is their responsibility to create such an outcome.  In this article, I would like to offer a perspective that reveals how this expectation can become “a trap.”  A trap, that is, for your time, energy, and directed creations.

Let’s begin with a bigger picture view.  Most situations are not actually about what they appear to be on the surface.  Yes, there is a set of circumstances — remodelling a house, firing an employee, deciding upon a vacation, etc.  But these are only a reflection, and, in many respects, quite trivial.  You can substitute another set of circumstances and produce a fairly similar set of interactions, issues, and conflicts.  So we need to go deeper — and examine the energy flows and intentions of the beings that are creating the situation.

What we often find beneath the seemingly smooth surface of most relationships is a set of very different energy streams, goals, intentions, and patterns.  When we are vibrationally aligned with those energies and intentions, then it is a smooth flow — things work, there are no serious conflicts, and we “get along” with each other.

However, eventually, there is something that highlights hidden or underlying vibrational mis-matches.  They might have been there all along and were ignored or avoided with a variety of “fixes.”  Or it might be that someone decides, for a variety of reasons, that they no longer want to keep quietly “going with the group flow.”  When one part of a system shifts, then the entire system is challenged to re-organize.  Sometimes the re-organization occurs internally and all of the boats in the harbor float up on the higher vibrational tide.  Alternatively, the system sustains itself by removing or rejecting the piece that does not “fit” or resonate with the vibration or awareness that organizes the rest of the system.

In any case, there is a lot of energy movement and intention that is “really” creating the superficial show of events and interactions.  Here’s where the “peaceful and joyful solution” trap occurs.  If everyone is not aligned with creating a peaceful and joyful solution, then you are entering into an endless dissipation of your energy to “try” to make it happen.  It’s like when you tuck in one corner of a blanket and then the other side pops out.  As soon as one piece is resolved, another sparks flares up.

And this disharmonious outcome — ongoing discord and conflict — is actually natural and perfect. It is the laws of creation in operation.  If everyone is not committed to the same (joyful and peaceful) outcome, then it just won’t occur.  It’s really that simple.

What does manifest is the expression of the actual intentions and energies in the system (i.e., group of beings interacting with each other).   This occurs across all scales of space and time  — from between two people to entire countries or a planetary system.  Furthermore,  the ACTUAL intentions and energies of those involved may be different than what is said or claimed.  What rules creation is the flow of energy and intention — not words or promises.

It is necessary to start with an honest intention and foundation for living in peace and joy in order to ACTUALLY create self-sustaining peace and joy.  Otherwise, you wind up using coercion, force, manipulation, or deception to get everyone “into line” with an outcome that might APPEAR peaceful and joyful temporarily.  But when you take that route for creation, then you no longer have a high vibrational, joyful, peaceful intention as the organizing alignment for future energy flows.  It looks good (or at least ok) for now, but it is decaying at the core.  It is like the plant that has root rot — suddenly and seemingly unexpectedly, it collapses while looking fine on the surface.  And you start all over again with an idea for a new “solution” that will make things flow nicely again.  For now.

My take-home message  is to look carefully and deeply into situations where you decide to allocate your time and energy (with family, with friends, with clients, with employees, with groups and organizations).  You can consciously bring forth expansive, creative, and productive pathways — and release yourself from those which might be harnessing your energy towards other outcomes.

There are many opportunities where there are beings genuinely aspiring for peace, elevation, and new, joyful possibilities.  And many other situations where that may be the stated goal, but the energy flows and web of intentions will lead to a different series of results.  Inadvertently, you can create a situation where you support and empower those lower vibrational outcomes through your participation and flow of energy.  Sometimes the most powerful way to change a situation is to withdraw your own energy from it — AND redirect your life force into a new creation where you can be deeply and powerful aligned to bring forth the best in yourself and others.

An ideal or belief exists where “peace and joy are possible everywhere.”  Yes, this is true in one respect — peace is possible whenever and wherever beings are committed to creating peace and joy through their thoughts, actions, and energies.  But, in another respect, peace and joy will not manifest for long when beings are not genuinely committed to sustaining it.  This is neither “good” or “bad” —  it is the laws of creation, free will, and energy in operation.

Therefore, regardless of others’ intentions and alignments, you can fill yourself with  peace and joy and allow the  energy flows of all beings to be as THEY have intended.  Then, others will have your example as contrast, and an invitation to make a different choice for themselves.  You can always embody the peaceful and joyful  “solution” within your own knowing and being by recognizing the Oneness in all that expresses itself around you.

My work as a soul guide is to help clarify empowering paths forward to create your most peaceful and joyful potential futures.  Please click here to learn more about life-transforming soul insight and sacred geometry for healing.

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