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“Emergence,” Upper Isberg Lake, Ansel Adams Wildernress, Sierra Nevada, September 2011


Last night, as we sat down to dinner, my husband presented a provocative question that had been on his mind all day.  What is going to happen when (more) humans see what is truly occurring through the influences on planetary energetics and evolution?  Mass spiritual awakening? Disbelief? Chaos? Revolution?

I paused after my first bite of veggie fried rice, and replied that reactions will probably be pretty typical of what happens when a person encounters startling information that challenges the comfort of their reality.  Just like when someone receives awareness of an unhealthy relationship, there are fairly typical pathways.    Some people create excuses, avoid making choices, or attempt to continue “as-is” for days, weeks, and even years (or lifetimes).  Others begin to look outside of themselves for more data, validation, and hope someone will tell them what they should do next.  And the very few will stop, fully receive the awareness, examine their own perceptual patterns, and take constructive action to remedy or end the relationship.

Why are these reactions — individually and collectively — so predictable?  How do you go beyond your reality container that sends you down a well-worn path?

The throttling of human consciousness

You see, the evolution of human consciousness and higher levels of spiritual awakening have been throttled over the past decades (and even much much longer, depending upon your perspective).  Why?  Because, as a culture and collective, people have become extremely handicapped in their ability to perceive, choose, and create new realities.  And why is that?  While there are many factors, a very key reason is that most people have lost their capacity for inner Stillness.  Human physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies have entered into nearly continuous states of activity, interaction, and stimulation.

For many, it is even hard to remember — and therefore have the contrast — of when it was different.  Going from structured activity to activity now begins earlier and earlier in life, and the psycho-somatic systems of children are harnessed into continual intellectual, social, and electronic feedback loops.  These patterns persist and are re-created into the complex calendaring of work, family, and social events that overwhelm so many adults.

When a person is in such a continual state of activity, the next choice or action is predominantly a re-action.  That is, an action that is heavily determined by the past.  The “past” in this sense can be any length of time — minutes, weeks, or years.  The activity keeps generating more activity mainly based upon the prior activity.  In this way, people continually re-create and re-live a particular set of reality constructs.  Some people move energy more skillfully and gracefully than others, and their lives appear to “flow.”  For others, it is more bumpy and conflicted.  But the “frequency band” or field of reality does not change much for anyone continually engaged in action and activities.  It can’t.  There is little to no space (Stillness) for any truly new input of awareness.

The pitfall of outsourcing your creative capacity

Reactive patterning is deeply anchored on many levels.  Picking apart beliefs, emotional motivations, or habits does not begin to touch the framework of reality that lies in the background of it all.  Even so-called “big life changes” are largely re-actions when they come in response to “external events.”  If the decision to make (even a major) change is coming in response to an action or event, it is still being driven mostly by the incessant motion of a loud, cluttered, and highly networked reality construct.

The alternative?  To stop the commotion and become Still in your mind, emotions, and awareness.  This is the true starting point of conscious and empowered action (versus re-action).

The choices and actions that arise from a state of inner Stillness are entirely different than those that arise from the flow of ongoing activity.  Entering into a state of Stillness is analogous to hitting “pause” on a movie, and then, consciously deciding how you want the rest of the story to go.  This is in contrast to letting the movie continue to play uninterrupted, and accepting how the story was written by someone else (or your subconscious patterning).  It often fascinates me why people like to watch movies so much.  Instead of creating your own story, you are receiving the patterns and story (often heavily) promoted by someone else.  Of course, out-sourcing your creativity takes less personal effort, but, in the process, you hand over your sovereignty to someone else’s design.  This metaphor can be reflected at many scales of awareness, choice, and action.

By stunning contrast, when you create from a place of inner Stillness, you are creating from your sovereign connection to your Source.  Awareness beyond the cluttered world opens to you.  Priorities and significance shift.  Movement and interactions can be seen for what they are and why they are.

The paradox of empowered Stillness

When you have a regular practice of inner Stillness — whether it be 10 minutes a day or 24 hours a day — you regain your ability to perceive clearly, make choices from the wholeness of your awareness, and consciously direct the flow of your time and energy.  Reality is NO longer made FOR you.  When you expand your awareness into the nature of your reality construct(s), you are empowered to break through them, and then, become the constructor and creator of your reality.  This is your sovereign birthright.  When you claim that birthright of your inherent creative potential and capacity, you are empowered from the source of All-that-Is.

This is the paradox of Stillness.  When you cultivate the capacity of inner Stillness, you become a powerful creator.  First a powerful perceiver of your reality, and then, from the fullness of your awareness (versus the tunnel view of conditioned activity), you connect to your deepest and truest creative desires, capacities, and visions.

How does this relate to your existing (or new) “spiritual” practice?  A practice can have many different goals, but consider whether your time and effort are truly exposing and breaking down your reality constructs — an essential aspect of a path to spiritual awakening.   I have encountered people who describe their spiritual life in terms of a chain of activities — books read, workshops attended, teachers studied, and group affiliations.  In contrast, from the standpoint of spiritual awakening and transformative potential, I see the true “fruit” of a spiritual practice as developing your capacity of inner Stillness.

Meditation, in this way, is the starting point for your entire sovereign and creative life.  There are many forms and types of meditation that support developing the capacities of reflection, clarity, and expanded awareness.  Different approaches support different aspects, and a combination often benefits the whole.  I suggest examining whether a spiritual (meditation) practice 1) develops your capacity for inner Stillness,  2) expands your awareness of your reality constructs, and 3) leads you into your fullest creative sovereignty.  Otherwise, you might just be spending time (and money) taking on more forms and patterns of perception rather than truly liberating yourself.

From my perspective, cultivating inner Stillness is the most transformative and revolutionary pathway to an elevated future that is available, both for individual soul awakening and for elevating an entire planet.  The strength of your inner Stillness is like any other capacity that grows with practice.  After all, the underlying purpose of a “practice” is to enable you to “perform” (well) when it is time to do so.  As with physical exercise, how much time, attention, and energy you commit to developing inner Stillness will affect your level of “fitness” for your (sovereign creative) life.

Expanding beyond your reality containers

The bottom line: Stillness reveals and disrupts reality constructs like nothing else.  And once a reality construct is disrupted with pure awareness, it cannot be sustained in its original form.  This is the essential answer to the question that my husband asked me at the beginning of this article.  Those people that can become Still and perceive clearly will co-create a new planetary reality that is (re)connected to the true Source of peace, joy, and Oneness.  The old form cannot be sustained in their field of energy and consciousness.  They will resonate with others who share the aspiration and commitment to a reality that departs from what-has-been.  Others will choose other creations, based upon the reactions activated in their (non-Still) states of being.

What will you do?

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