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Yosemite Soul Leadership

“Inner Illumination,” Yosemite Valley, November 5, 2016

Are you reacting to what’s going on around you, or leading and supporting others from your inner vision? Soul-level leadership is the direction that comes from within the clarity of inner Stillness. There are other forms of leadership, but most of those derive from looking outside oneself and being concerned about what others are doing and saying about their perceptions of reality.

Challenging situations can provide an opening to lead, and elevate all involved, IF we choose to “see” rather than “become” the disturbed energy that the events reflect. In this (currently dense) planetary environment, building resilient, whole, and clear energy systems generally involves “strength-building” like physical exercise.

This is the paradox of a reality that’s upside down — awful politics, awful events, awful childhoods, etc. can actually empower and liberate if we make the choice to separate from the horror that they reveal. My husband likes to call this process “de-laminating” the (light) energy system from the darkness.

Each day, we make choices that create what we will experience next. Are you aligning with disappointment, fear, anger, or helplessness? Or are you observing the contrast in paths and opportunities that exist for all beings? And then re-focusing, and re-committing your own path to peace, deepened wholeness, soul elevation, and uplift for all beings?

Of course there is sadness and loss seeing others choose a different kind of future. Individuals make choices, one by one, and form resonant fields with each other to create collective futures. In the process, realities (and people) separate. The process isn’t usually pretty or pleasant, but choice is the gift of soul sovereignty and free will. Conscious observation places you in a place of empowerment for your choices and future creation.

If you would like to learn more about the choice of futures, please click to read about the “under-recognized problem of catastrophe re-creation.”

On the planetary scale, soul awakening and soul ascension are a collective inner movement. This movement unfolds, in right timing, into an “outer” expression. Energy and awareness always precede physical forms.

There’s a massive planetary need to embody high vibrational soul-level leadership right now. To anchor, encourage, and support the choice and creation of a future that is for the benefit of all beings. In your daily offering of conscious, heart-centered stillness and clarified awareness, most people probably won’t even label you a “leader.” However, there’s no substitute for stepping outside of the loop of reaction and action, and inviting others into an uplifting possibility and potential that they can’t (yet) see due to all of the distraction and chaos around them.

Many blessings for your commitment and service in soul-level leadership, for the benefit of all.

My one-on-one sessions are principally offered to support soul-level leaders.  If you are seeking to awaken and empower your true potential for service and uplift for all beings, please click here to learn more.

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