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cathedral lakes pass trail

Trail over Cathedral Lakes Pass, Yosemite National Park, California, September 2016

There are many points along the journey of soul awakening where you might feel lost, disoriented, or suddenly disconnected.  Sometimes these are “big moments” — the ones that start with: “why am I working here …” or “why am I married to this person …” or  “how did I end up in this situation …”.   And then there are those smaller moments — responding to disappointing news, unexpected conflicts, or financial shocks that leave you bewildered on what to do next.

As someone said to me today, “soul awakening can sure be a bumpy road.”  Best to be prepared to drive it well!

Bumps on the road of soul awakening

One of the first points of awareness is that soul awakening IS usually a bumpy road — and it is normal to experience periods of disillusionment, questioning, and (radical) change.  When higher vibrational energy encounters density, there’s a bit of smack.  This smack often occurs as you elevate in your energy and awareness — suddenly you see more deeply and clearly into what is around you, and much of it might not be so pleasant to behold.  (I’ve written an entire article on this aspect of soul ascension and awakening: click here for more.)

Right now, I’ll assume that you’ve hit a bump of some sort and don’t know how to respond or chart your course forward.  Either on a big picture question or something more specific in daily life — scale doesn’t matter when re-orienting to move forward effectively and meaningfully.  In fact, I suggest a similar course of consideration to account managers in my husband’s company when they have difficulty with software or a client.

First, remember this: being or feeling lost in what to do is temporary.  The emotional state of feeling lost can seem so debilitating because it feels like it will go on forever.  So you start to spin and cycle in perceptions of your reality and thought patterns.  It becomes a self-fulfilling experience of feeling and believing that you are perpetually lost and confused.

You can snap yourself out of that state with a simple recognition: feeling lost or lack of direction is temporary.  You WILL get back on track.

Second, you can get yourself out of disillusionment, confusion, or misdirection AND end up better off in the process.  It’s not an inevitable downhill spiral.  In fact, a little ways down the path, you might recognize a gift of soul awakening and that you’ve been catalyzed to perceive and create a new reality for yourself.

That’s the second step — snap yourself into a state of empowerment.  I’m not suggesting that the process will be fun or easy, but you can embrace the undertaking for its depth of transformational awareness, energy releases, soul clearings, and potential for elevation.  Those are all available if you intend and align yourself for the uplifting and liberating path forward.  Think of it as the “high road” out of lostness, in contrast to the “low road” of muddling through, fear, self-doubt, and frantic actions.

Taking the “high road” of  soul ascension

soul awakening bridgeI am emphasizing the metaphor of “high” and “low” roads of navigating out of lostness and disillusionment because those two possibilities reflect the choice of energies that will create your path and experiences.  A lot of the reason that suddenly feeling uncertain, challenged in your life situation, or questioning what to do is experienced as a “problem” or “horrible” is because lower vibrational emotions and belief systems are activated.  And never questioned for their veracity.

In other words, feeling “lost” is typically mired in fear, doubt, criticism, and often, self-blame.  From another perspective, you might congratulate yourself on being clear and honest about the reality shifting around you, and being willing to step into the unknown to chart an authentic and soul-supporting path.  Around you, many of the apparently un-confused are actually more in a state of self-denial or deception rather than living from true inner clarity.

The high road is what I described above: embarking with self-responsibility to engage transformational awareness, inner reflection, and necessary releases in order to commit to an outcome of elevation for yourself.  No one is going to be able to do it for you.  You can wind up just as lost, or more so, by re-locating to someone else’s path rather than really determining your own.

Who or what is actually “lost”?

There’s an interesting question at the heart of the feeling like you have “lost” direction or confidence in the state of your life or soul awakening process.  Who or what is actually lost?

In my experience, the core of the experience is a “loss of purpose” in what you are doing.  This can occur suddenly, or with a longer “drift” away from why you began a particular venture (career, relationship, place to live, etc.)

Then, when you are no longer creating purposefully, it is easy to get lost in the details of your own life and wonder how you got into situations. A feeling of “lostness” has more to do with not knowing your “inner location,” rather than your present life circumstances.

Finding yourself and going forward: the “in-visible” map

soul awakening Yosemite valleyThe recommendation for “loss of purpose” is similar as for when you are physically lost — first stop moving, look around, and contemplate your (inner) resources.

Trying to find direction while moving (more) usually just consumes life force and you (unknowingly) circle in your tracks. When you truly pause in your movement, and find your inner bearing, then you can start moving again with perspective, purpose, and true productivity. Again, this applies on all scales — from unexpected frustrations in the middle of your day to much bigger questions arising on your soul path. Why not take a deep breath and pause right now?

I like to call this pause looking at the “in-visible map.”  You can’t clearly perceive this inner map when you are frantically moving and seeking.  Rather, you are more likely just reacting to the “bumps” described above and missing the turns and options on the path itself.  You will get somewhere, but not so directly or with the depth of awareness and understanding that is truly available to you.

To summarize, I suggest five steps to re-orienting and moving out of lostness in a coherent and meaningful way:

  1. Recognize that the experience of lostness or confusion is temporary
  2. Snap yourself into a state of empowerment: this process actually might be really beneficial
  3. Consciously choose between the “high” and “low” roads for your experience
  4. Cease the external seeking, stop “moving,” and contemplate your current inner resources
  5. Begin again with a clear (and probably new) purpose as your in-visible map through choices, decisions, and creations

Many blessings on your journey.  I offer soul clearings, spiritual guidance, and healing sacred geometry to support the process of soul awakening and soul ascension — over and through the bumps on the path.  Click here to learn more.

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