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soul awakening orchid

Cascading mini Cymbidium orchid, Atherton, CA, February 2017

When my husband saw the photograph of the orchid above, his rather cryptic comment was, “Well, waking up after a few hundred thousand years.” I wasn’t sure if he was talking about an aspect of himself or the essence of the orchid.

Two weeks ago, Paul went to the farmer’s market to buy a bag of oranges. And very unexpectedly came home with this rather mysterious orchid. The person selling it did not know what type it was or where it came from in their nursery. I didn’t even recognize the variety when he asked me to close my eyes and handed it to me. Turns out, she’s a remarkable mini cymbidium named “Mary Green” — four opening flower stalks and looks like five more pseudobulbs starting at the base!

The arrival of this spectacular orchid almost didn’t happen — and that’s why I chose this image for this post. Paul was really focused on buying the fruit, as the market was closing in 10 minutes, and we’ve never found an orchid there before (mostly common, commercial plants for sale). He was leaving for the parking lot with nice oranges and figs. The orchid gave one more vibrational yell to get his attention. (That’s how he described it.). He turned around, walked back, and saw her next to the van, ready to be packed up with the others. Phew. Paul does have stunning last minute timing.

soul awakening orchidMy reflection and question to you: how much stillness and space are in your day today? To allow the unexpected or unimagined to emerge?

People seem to believe that more creativity comes from more effort and energy input. “More in, then more out” appears to be the underlying idea. However, more activity is not necessarily innovative creation in the deeper sense. Activity is often more like recycling a bottle — turning over the same materials into something that looks different and maybe useful, but doesn’t go far beyond what was there before. Another day, another shiny bottle.

If you wish to connect with something that hasn’t existed in your awareness before, then allow the time to pause, observe, and invite an opening to emerge. Without adequate (inner) space, new potential doesn’t have anywhere to land. You can practice this process of invitation and expansion on all scales — a quiet pause before you respond to an email, before you decide what to eat, before you plan your weekend. Surprise is a good sign of tapping into new fields of awareness and moving into a new level of soul awakening and soul ascension pathways. Sometimes beautiful and mysterious orchids emerge in strange places …

The limitations of a “creative” life filled with incessant activity isn’t just personal. Most people are caught in — and feeding — something much larger. Lack of stillness is a cultural dilemma that inhibits the awareness and expansion of truly new realities and creative potentials. In order to transform into lives that reflect wholeness and high vibrational perspectives, there’s an imperative to emerge from patterns of (re)cycling within your existing “reality containers.” If you would like to learn more about this breakthrough into the “paradox of empowered Stillness,” please click here.

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