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“You are free and blessed from
the deepest core of your Being …

and it is your birthright to live from
this place of sovereignty and joy”


Opening Space for Uplift & Renewal

Clearings are a foundation of all sessions.  In order to initiate or connect with something new, you first must have the “space” to allow and receive the flow of energy and your true creative potential.  Like planting a garden, weeds must be removed, and the container prepared, in order for new life to emerge and flourish.  I describe this as the soul process of clearing, renewal, and uplift.

soul healing clearingSessions for Soul-level Clearings

Soul clearings have many aspects, and, in many ways, are the most complex part of the work that I offer.  Why?  Because what is apparent in your life now that is an obstacle, limitation, “block,” or cause of suffering almost always has its “roots” in another time and space.  Many persistent issues are not even personal — they originate from lineage patterns or are connected to past planetary cycles.

Therefore, if you only “trim” the energetic surface of your experience, the discordant energy will re-establish and the cycle of distress and conflict will repeat in a new form.  True completion and resolution requires going to the “root” of the issue.

This is what distinguishes a “soul-level” clearing from other types of “energy” clearing.  There are many ways to temporarily remove or restrict undesired energies, but unless the original source, access point, or attachment is released or closed, the energies and patterns will resurface.  While I am always committed to immediately relieving suffering, my true goal is empower your soul-level freedom and potential at the deepest level.

Clearings 2Truly Completing Cycles of Suffering

My vision and skill in removing and releasing the “roots” of discordant, limiting, and problematic cycles must be aligned with your sincere request for the completion and release of that energy in order for the soul clearing to come to full fruition.  This is an intention that you both bring to our session(s) together, and embody in your daily life.

Many cycles of suffering form themselves into mental, emotional, and physical habits.  To bring forth and sustain a true and deep soul clearing, it is necessary to “re-align” your energies and awareness to living in the reality where the “problem” or “issue” no longer exists.  This may include making other shifts in your life to support the new higher vibrational state of being that is now more fully available to you after our session.

You can read more about releasing cycles of problems and your choices at the end of cycles in this article and video.

The heart of the soul-level clearings that I offer is to empower the uplift of your future.  To empower you to make the shift into a higher vibrational state, to initiate new creations, and to embrace the true potential of your life.  We all deserve to be free of limitation and suffering.

Clearings from Oneness

My approach to clearings is fundamentally based upon non-harm to any beings or energies, no matter how apparently disturbed or destructive.  Many approaches to clearing unwanted energies, beings, or connections tend to be adversarial or combative.  I see the process very differently.  Opposition only sustains further cycles of discord — the cornerstone of duality and conflict.

When we come into awareness that there is something that no longer serves our journey and life, we have the choice to separate from it and move into an energetic space and reality where it no longer exists.  This is our birthright as sovereign beings — to choose our creations and associations.  Undesired energies and beings are also free to evolve into a new place, or remain as-is.  We wish them well, with peace, love, and intentions for the highest well-being of all.

Sessionssoul healing clearings

Initial sessions are 80 minutes, by phone or in-person in the San Francisco Bay area.   I spend time preparing prior to our session and the soul work is initiated as soon as your appointment is confirmed; many people begin to experience shifts, insights, and interesting dreams immediately.

The first part of the session is discussion of your concerns and intentions (40-60 minutes).  I offer guidance to align your energy flows in uplifting ways and new perspectives to understand your situation.

After we talk, in order for the soul-level energies to be received as deeply and completely as possible, it is important that you are relaxed and receptive, however you create that space — quiet, un-distracted, or meditative for at least 45 minutes.  This part of the session is not on the phone, allowing us both to focus and connect in a silent and still place of awareness.

I have observed that extensive or complex clearings greatly benefit from multiple sessions.  In order for your physical form to adjust, and integrate the newly cleared and higher vibrational state, we proceed in stages of clearing and elevation for a more effective (and gentle) transition.

Scheduling & Payment

The suggested contribution for an initial session is $218 at the time of appointment confirmation.  One hour follow-up sessions are $171 (20-30 minutes discussion).   For more information on session fees, please click here.   Online payments can be made through PayPal.

Please email or call us to schedule a session.

I look forward to working with you.  It is my greatest joy to support your soul journey through this time of remarkable planetary uplift.  Together, we create a new future for the benefit of all beings.  Many blessings … may you awaken your awareness, elevate your energy, and create a new world.


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