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Awaken, Elevate, & Create a New World

My passion and purpose are to open the doorways, and clear the pathways, for all beings to experience a reality of vast new potential.  This is an uplift of multi-dimensional, planetary, and galactic scale.  To write about this potential from simply the scope of this lifetime would not accurately represent the vastness of transformation that is occurring.  Each and every being has the opportunity to participate, elevate, and awaken.  The choice is yours, and for many reading this now, this opening in planetary history and energetic cycles has been long-awaited.

I offer unique “keys” of energy and consciousness to make this soul-level passage possible — moving from one moment of experience in one world, to the next moment of life in bright and uplifted awareness.  I often call these “keys” soul sacred geometry, but, actually, they are reflections and transmissions of a Divine essence beyond form and description.  I cannot teach these keys to anyone else as they originate from my own essence and soul DNA codes.

It is my deepest desire to ease suffering, inspire true potential, and catalyze empowered action.  Soul by soul, peace and freedom radiate into the world.  There is no need to repeat cycles of loss, destruction, fear, and soul fragmentation.  The space and life that we create around us is simply a reflection of what is within us.  Every being has the power and opportunity to elevate all other beings through their own awakening; this is the birthright of Divine Oneness and open to all.

The background of my life is not so significant from my perspective, but I offer some details here as I know that many are interested.  While the circumstances of my path have been part of my preparation to offer soul ascension pathways at this time, I have largely dissolved the lower dimensional aspect of consciousness that was a part of these earlier creations in order to allow my higher vibrational essence to more fully express itself.  In my awareness, it is not the same “I” viewpoint across this lifetime.

For over twenty years, I have traveled to sacred energy sites across six continents, and lived and worked in England, Canada, and Australia for several years.  I received my doctorate from Oxford University in 2002.  I studied the intersection of nature, power, and knowledge in changing visions of the relationship between ecological and human systems.  This work fulfilled a deep inquiry into human ways of creating understandings of self and world.

I shifted my scientific research to global climate change as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University.  As a scientist and social scholar, I published over a dozen articles in peer-reviewed academic journals.  I also have long experience in business and organization design.  I owned and operated a wholesale business for eleven years prior to graduate school, and later, served as a CFO to a small Silicon Valley company.

In 2007, I received an invocation from my Spirit to take my place in planetary service, as intended for this lifetime.  I accepted the knowing of my higher path, and left my academic career.  I spent many years in extensive retreat and reflection.  In 2011, I directly received the awareness of my unique soul frequencies, which I “translated” into a name (Anandasatara). In 2016, I decided to only use the highest energetic frequencies of the sound forms, independent of any contemporary language or spiritual tradition (A’na Sa’tara).

My work is deeply supported by my spiritual partner and beloved husband Paul.  We live in the San Francisco Bay area.

All of the photography on this website is my creation.  While I have been a scientific and nature photographer for over 20 years, I began to use photography not only a visual expression, but as an imprint of healing and awakening consciousness in 2011.  You can read the story of the origins of “Sacred Light Photography” here.  Each image is infused with sacred geometry for soul healing, insight, and elevation into higher awareness.  Many more can be experienced on my other website, Sacred Light Photography.  In 2017, I initiated a new photography and energy endeavor, called Ancient Energy Orchids (AEO); the AEO website offers information on the cultivation of orchids and a unique perspective on orchid photography that I call “orchid portraits.”

Note to Visitors

I create the multi-dimensional transmissions of energy and awareness in this website, and through all of my associated offerings, with the highest intentions of uplift and benefit for all who choose to receive.  Even the most pure origin and transmission cannot ensure, or create, a corresponding purity of receptivity.  Please consider and recognize how any of your own filters of awareness, energetic constructs, or expectations may affect what you perceive and use.  I am not responsible for these potential distortions.  Self-awareness and self-responsibility are integral to soul awakening and ascension.  In all of your creations, I wish the very best for your well-being and sovereignty.

All content copyright 2010-2018 A’na Sa’tara. All rights Reserved. 

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